February 2021 Round-up

At the end of January I decided that for February I would make a concerted effort to blog every day, or something along those lines, mainly since I’d not blogged much of late. I managed 22/28 days, which I’m pretty pleased with; some days I simply ran out of hours in the day.

For the past couple of days I’ve been doing battle with my garden paths (hence the lack of posts). I acquired a pressure washer, but as per my previous post, it was lacking a part. The ebay seller offered to send a replacement part, but in the meantime I found one to use and I proceeded to assemble the contraption… only to discover further parts were missing or incorrect.

The seller then being away for the weekend I determined I could still use the kit to blast my paths, so I worked my socks off, or rather, washed my socks off, trying de-moss everything in sight, thinking that perhaps the seller might simply say to return the whole kit for a refund… by which point I would have washed my paths for free. (I’m a little unscrupulous like that!)

This morning I proceeded to disassemble the tablet I broke last weekend in order to replace the screen, only to discover the replacement screen was also broken. So off to ebay again.

It seems like I’ve had a week of ebay wrangling. It turned out the relatively new ebay seller I’d bought a networking item from who at first marked it as dispatched and then a couple of days later changed their mind about that and asked me to confirm my address, had gotten confused by the lack of house number on my address. How can someone not know that some houses have names and not a number? They didn’t know how to type properly either.

And there we have my conundrum when it comes to blogging; the pointless waffle vs. something I consider to be more worthwhile.

This effort to blog every day has seen my time diverted away from other things. The opposite was true beforehand, which is why I made the effort to blog. I don’t necessarily regret this, but I recognise it and consider ways to deal with it without feeling frustrated. I often feel myself “burning myself out” with projects, as if my energy is used up and I need time to recover from fatigue. I try to think of ways to combat this or mitigate it.

I’ve found it beneficial to blog when there has been a topic to tie in with something else, like my studies into Astronomy, and my reading of the Ebla book, which is how I would like to move forward; making the effort to blog when there is something worthwhile (although planning to write, rather than waiting for that magical something), but perhaps saving the rants to my journal (which has slipped into the form of a daily To Do list of late).

As with many months, I’m once again looking forward to the next and I have already drawn up a list of things to focus on:

  • Daily yoga, running, cycling and other exercises.
  • Reading the next book on my list and still working to finish the one by Agrippa.
  • I’ve started uploading the Unabomber Manifesto and that will likely see me though into April.
    • I’d also like to write some blog posts referring to points in the Manifesto (published in 1995) and how they relate to our time.
  • ‘Limit my time online’ is also on my list.
  • (as is) ‘A variety of household chores’.

Wishing you all a happy and productive March.

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