Happy New Year – 2023

Lets begin this “Happy New Year” post with a rant: WordPress, this platform I blog on, is such a faff…

I “have to” create a new post, give it a title, save it (as a Draft), go (back) to my lists of Posts, refresh the page to reveal that latest Draft, and select Classic Editor below it, all so I can input my post using the interface I prefer…

A few other mental hurdles have been stifling my efforts to write and publish blog posts here of late; 2022 was on the quiet-front in this regard. I intend to make 2023 better, but alas it is only the morning of the 1st of the 1st, so I’m trying to refrain from being overly optimistic.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my blog followers and readers for following and reading, and (as it is polite to do so) I wish you well for the coming year.

I’m currently (as I write this, being the multi-tasking wizard that I am) trying to edit a vlog which I recorded earlier, which also has its hurdles to overcome; my first camera of choice refused to play ball this morning so I used my webcam. The file that this produces (.wmv) is not compatible with Davinci Resolve so I first have to import it into Windows Movie Maker, and then hit Save (using one of my previously created formats) (to output it as an .mp4). For some reason when I imported that file into DR just now I discovered the video had a black border round it, like it had slapped the 720p video (produced by the camera) onto one that is 1080p, and it has not done this before. So I’m re-importing and re-saving, each process of which takes some minutes. All in the hope that the second time around things will… Resolve themselves.

I’m now informed by Movie Maker that “there are missing or unusable files in [my]… project…” I might be low on disk space… I shall… move the “Boots Review” video file (that has been sitting on my desktop since May) to another drive. This is one of the, what feels like, many projects that got “sidelined” last year.

Second time lucky, although the video still ended up in a box… so I enlarged it to fill the frame. #uselessinformation

I’m beginning this year with a renewed determination to be less distracted. I have a daily schedule mapped out, along with a To Do list. Please wish me luck!

For now, here is that video:


    • Thanks, I actually had a shortcut on my desktop for a while to the first one.

      Re. VLC, I have actually used it previously to convert videos but had actually never considered it for my webcam files. A preliminary test reveals that it gets rid of the black border I wrote of, but adds a green stripe to the bottom edge of the video (easy enough to hide), but for some reason the audio doesn’t play in Davinci. I will give it another go though since the process takes half time time compared to using Movie Maker.

  1. I always have the same problem when creating a blog post. I even switched to the new format soon after it was introduced and it still takes a few extra steps. Happy New Year! 🙂

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