I’ve played guitar for a number of years but never really seriously – I just pick it up and play along with some songs I like, incorporating some bad habits/techniques along the way. Since 2015 I’ve been playing some keyboard too, and I’ve also been singing. I occasionally make recordings and upload them but I’m pretty self-conscious about this stuff and listening to stuff back often makes me think I want to make more improvements before I unleash my noise on the world, here on this page are some such recordings, but I endeavour to create more. There are also some links to my posts about music.

Crockett’s Theme, originally by Jan Hammer:

Uploaded: March 2016.

My effort so far… still lots to learn!

Amaranth intro, originally by Nightwish:

Uploaded: January 2016.

Wishing cover (playing and singing) by Flock of Seagulls:

Uploaded: November 2015.

Click here to read full post.

Dreams cover (singing along to) by Fleetwood Mac:

Uploaded: October 2015.


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