I’ve played guitar for a number of years but never really seriously – I just pick it up and play along with some songs I like, incorporating some bad habits/techniques along the way. Since 2015 I’ve been playing some keyboard too, and I’ve also been singing. I occasionally make recordings and upload them but I’m pretty self-conscious about this stuff and listening to stuff back often makes me think I want to make more improvements before I unleash my noise on the world, here on this page are some such recordings, but I endeavour to create more. There are also some links to my posts about music.

Crockett’s Theme, originally by Jan Hammer:

Uploaded: March 2016.

My effort so far… still lots to learn!

Amaranth intro, originally by Nightwish:

Uploaded: January 2016.

Wishing cover (playing and singing) by Flock of Seagulls:

Uploaded: November 2015.

Click here to read full post.

Dreams cover (singing along to) by Fleetwood Mac:

Uploaded: October 2015.

Post: Why does a boy’s voice break and not a girl’s? (30th May 2015)

Post: Music in my life – singing (20th May 2015)

Post: Music in my life – instruments (14th May 2015)

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana:

Uploaded: 11th May 2013.

In the Shadows by The Rasmus:

Uploaded: 15th July 2012.

Bon Jovi’s One Wild Night off the album Crush:

Uploaded: 21st January 2012.

Sadly my computer was so busy searching for ETs that it gobbled part of the video, hence the reason it ends prematurely… the ending was obviously the best part too, so it’s a shame you missed it! 😉


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