Book preference: #second-hand #non-fiction #hardbacks

I always usually have a book (or two… or three) on the go (okay, I try to limit myself to one at a time unless they are considerably different). The challenge for me is to find the time (and sometimes motivation) to write about what intrigues me whilst reading them.

Currently reading…

book_childrens_encyclopediaThe Children’s Encyclopedia by Arthur Mee

Since I’ve owned a 10 volume set of these old encyclopdias since my childhood, but never read them, I thought I would read one volume a year. For 2019 I have the target of working my way through Volume 7, reading 1/12th of the volume each month.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Since the damage to the cathedral in Paris [link to relevant post].

Recently read…

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by Dr Harry Alder [link to post]

Strange things happen when someone dies by Alec Laidler [link to post]

The Fate of the Earth by Jonathan Schell [link to relevant post]

The Physics of Immortality by Frank J. Tipler

The Atlantis of the North by Jurgen Spanuth [link]



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