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Book preference: #second-hand #non-fiction #hardbacks

I always have a book (or two… or three) on the go (okay, I try to limit myself to one at a time unless they are considerably different). The challenge for me is to find the time (and sometimes motivation) to write about what intrigues me whilst reading them.

Currently reading…

Pyramid of Secrets by Alan F. Alford

– The architect of the Great Pyramid reconsidered in the light of creational mythology.


book_childrens_encyclopediaThe Children’s Encyclopedia by Arthur Mee

Since I’ve owned a 10 volume set of these old encyclopdias since my childhood, but never read them, I thought I would read one volume a year – I’m on target and working my way through Volume , reading 1/12th of a volume each month.

Here’s a recent blog post of interest:

Edgar Allan Poe – Selected Writings


Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

I picked up a copy of this from a charity shop – the old English is a challenge but made easier when I acquired a translated copy.

Recently read…

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Nature’s Ways by Ruth Binney

The Desiderata of Happiness by Max Ehrmann

The Wind in my Wheels by Josie Dew


One comment on “Books

  1. Blisswriter
    11 August, 2012

    High 5! My preference for reading has switched to non fiction too 😀 Enjoyed reading your blog entry about Ramadan, though its an annual norm i observe in my muslim friends.
    If you are interested in reading blogs, try mine 🙂

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