I enjoy reading books and I usually have a few on the go. They are typically non-fiction, but sometimes a novel. I also like to write about what I read (of which you can find examples of throughout my blog).

Towards the end of 2019 I found myself recording myself reading various short stories; these, and more, I have uploaded to either SoundCloud or Youtube. I continue this effort in 2020 with the intention uploading something every Saturday:

Ko-fi_Icon_Blue15 February – 28 March 2020
Night 53-61 of One Thousand and One Nights
53: (14:15)
54: (7:31)
55: (14:09)
56: (8:44)
57: (6:18)
58: (7:07)
59-61: (20:41)

islands8 February 2020
On the Way or All Aboard! by Claude Williamson

1 February 2020
The Book of Zechariah 12-14

islands25 January 2020
‘Cagliari’ by Hilaire Belloc

book_childrens_encyclopedia18 January 2020
The Story of Brave Grizel Hume

book_childrens_encyclopedia11 January 2020
The Tricks Of Scapin

The Lad Who Slept At His Post

islands4 January 2020
The Original Robinson Crusoe
Related post:…/being-a-robinson-crusoe/

29 Dec 2019
Apocalyptic Scenario 1.a
Read by request from:

28 Dec 2019
A Christmas Story by Charles Dickens: The Child’s Story

27 Dec 2019
A Christmas Story by Charles Dickens: The Poor Relation’s Story
Related post:

book_childrens_encyclopedia5 Dec 2019
The following were read from Arthur Mee’s Children’s Encyclopedia, Volume 7, page 5087-8. Related post:

The Strangers At The Door

The Race From Marathon

How Rustem Met His Son

Jack Frost Opens The Chestnut Burrs

Mother Nature’s Spring Helpers

Ko-fi_Icon_BlueI intend to record more readings throughout 2020. You can support my efforts here:

Brian’s 2020 Reading Pile:

book_childrens_encyclopediaThe Children’s Encyclopedia by Arthur Mee:
I’ve owned a 10 volume set of these old encyclopdias since my childhood, but had never read them, so I thought I would read one volume a year. For 2020 I have the target of working my way through Volume 8, reading 1/12th of the volume each month.

The Great Arab Conquests by John Bagot Glubb

Great True Stories of The Islands by Claude Williamson

The Vikings by Jonathan Clements

The Only Planet of Choice (re-reading)

Only a Piece of Glass by Nan Blake

Invisible College by Robert Lomas (re-reading)

Take a Seat by Dominic Gill

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