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The Linkin Park Guy…

He’s no more. I never knew him as Chester Bennington, so when my sister told me he’s dead I didn’t recognise the name… “Crawling in my skin?” I asked, “Yes,” … Continue reading

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God, gods, or the gods?

After reading about Charles Lamb last year I decided to follow that up by reading the collection of Shakespeare’s works he co-authored with his sister, Mary Lamb. It’s an abridged … Continue reading

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Climate Change Research… there’s funding for that

Living on the isle of Anglesey I’m pretty much surrounded by beaches. I recently learned, however, that one of my nearest beaches failed its latest water safety tests and as … Continue reading

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Ebay : Make Offer

So, there is an item I’m interested in on ebay and the seller has given the option of making an offer on the asking price of £38. Because I’m not … Continue reading

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Coffee Conundrum

Just this morning I was shuffling some old notebooks around, the paper kind, and I came across one which had a list of New Year’s Resolutions dating back to my … Continue reading

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Why Fidget Spinners are Needed

Kids (and their parents) are sold some utterly pointless trollop. Year on year there seems to be a different fad. I remember from when I was at school there were … Continue reading

4 July, 2017 · 5 Comments

Limiting Pay in the Public Sector

One of today’s Jeremy Vine News pieces was about pay caps in the public sector. Annual pay rise is said to be capped at 1% of something or other; I … Continue reading

3 July, 2017 · 2 Comments