Drop and Run

I thought I’d quickly drop a few things here before I have to dash out for the day…

I sometimes watch videos on Youtube by Scott Manley who talks about space travel and SpaceX progress. This morning’s dose was about a failed rocket, nothing new really, but Scott mentioned Elon Musk tweeting about Covid testing.

I scrolled down to the comments section to see what others were thinking/saying and some were responding like Elon doesn’t know what he’s talking about; “just because he’s a billionaire doesn’t mean he’s an expert on everything”. Well, some months back he was on the Joe Rogan podcast talking about the whole Covid-situation then and was speaking, to my ears at least, quite wisely and as someone who had certainly read up on certain things.

My reading of his tweet, therefore, has a different dose of context and what I hear him saying is he’s questioning the usefulness/validity/genuineness (etc) of the tests. They’re bogus.

Yesterday I was feeling particularly annoyed by another video (and a comment or two there) where someone given a podium to rant and attack anyone not doing as they’re told was basically telling people to ignore their own opinion and blindly follow science (“shut up and just wear your mask” was one comment); well, as Musk is pointing out in that tweet “science” (in this instance) is being only 50% accurate… although he is basing his statement on a test-base of four.

Oh, and back to the Scott Manley video, I spotted Abaddon’s Gate on his bookshelf, along with other books in the Expanse series; I’m just about to start reading that.


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