Why Nine?

In response to my somewhat wacky post about Covid-19 and Numerology, the following question was asked:

What if we only had eight fingers? Or twelve? [There’s] nothing magical about the number 10 as it’s all dependent on your base. If we had three fingers on each hand we’d still have a “10”. – Link

The somewhat simplistic answer formed promptly in my head, but seems too blunt to simply say “it’s irrelevant, numbers are numbers” regardless of whether we have 8 fingers or 12. But we do indeed count with a base-10 counting system, it could be said that God gave us this many fingers for a reason; when we get to 9, when we add 1, we come to 10, that the number 10 is written this way does make all the difference in numerology, since there we at the 1 + 0 together to return to 1; 10 becomes 1. 11 though is something different.

There are various other counting, or numerical systems from the binary or base-2 our computers use; consisting of 1s and 0s, or simply “on and off”, or open and closed. Beyond that computers also employ Hexadecimal counting/base-16. The Babylonians apparently had a 60-base counting system which is mind-boggling to me, although the Ancient Egyptians also used base-10. More on this in a moment.

It just so happened that a further explanation came from the book I’m currently re-reading; ‘The Only Planet of Choice’ [TOPOC] which is all about communications supposedly channelled from what are termed the Council of 9. “Why are there 9?” one of the participants in the channelling group asks (on p.56)…

‘Tom’, one that speaks for the Council explains:

“We are nine principles of the Universe. yet we are one… Each [of the Council] represents a portion of energy, knowledge, wisdom, love, kindness, technology, and continuity… There are in actuality multiplications and more, but in principle there are nine.”

Indeed, at one point Tom says that from another perspective they are also 24.

This reminds me of how the ‘Eskimos’ apparently have numerous words for snow, whereas in English we typically only have one. In ancient Greek philosophy there are numerous words for ‘love‘.

In response to the point of ‘Nine’, Tom says:

“Nine is complete. Everything is nine… There are [in fact] nine chakras, which are the nine principles and nine elements of what you call God… Nine is a complete number, it is whole. When you go over nine it cancels, it becomes one, and nine is complete.”

Incidentally, I mentioned in that previous post that it is my interpretation that the numbers in Numerology represent frequencies. They represent an energy, which is where I believe Numerology hints at something. Energy, as is explained on P.9 of TOPOC, is either helpful or hindering, either to us as individuals, and/or God’s Grand Plan, if there is such a thing. Each of the numbers represent a different energy and if you get multiple iterations of a particular number cropping up, it shows a concentration/focus/intent of that energy.

That the Ancient Egyptians also used a base-10 counting system is one thing, but they didn’t use the ‘Western Arabic numerals’ as we do. They had their own symbols:

For all intents and purposes they look like the typical ‘hieroglyphs’ you’d see adorning many an Ancient Egyptian temple, the key being that different symbols can have multiple interpretations.

“Certain numbers were considered sacred, holy, or magical by the ancient Egyptians, particularly 2, 3, 4, 7, and their multiples and sums.” – Wikipedia

“Egyptian Art” but includes various numerals and mathematics

That some writing can have more than one meaning reminds me that the Bible is one such writing; numbers mentioned can be read more than literally, such as Jesus’ 12 disciples, the 40 days and 40 nights, the 144,000. Coincidentally, both the Egyptians and the Bible throw a big number at the reader when referring to “many”.

The Ancient Egyptians aren’t alone in their speaking in terms of ‘frequencies’ or ‘energy’. It is noted on p.20 of TOPOC that modern day Russian scientists see the Universe more in terms of wavelength and frequencies.

“People in Western countries are a bit touchy about acknowledging and taking on board subtle energy-fields as an integral part of reality – especially if they have a scientific or educated background. Russian scientists see the Universe more in terms of wavelengths and frequencies, rather than objects (such as sub-atomic particles), so they don’t quite have the same conceptual problem around subtle physicality. But Western rationalists do have a difficulty resolving the black-and-white dualism ‘rationality’ has created, and take seriously an assumed role as guardians of the defining of reality.”



  1. Oh, look.” said the man with 10(base10) fingers, “there are ten ladies dancing surrounded by ring of menhirs topped by ten crows. Ten and Ten and Ten, that’s pretty special.”

    “What do you mean, special?” said the furry Alien with eight fingers. “I see 12 + 12 + 12, which is not all that special to me.”


    I believe the Sumerians used 60, not fully enumerated, but as a highly divisible number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 60. Which, if you were worried about money and how it was divided, was a good choice.

  2. Aliens? What aliens? Pictures please.
    Sumerians? Where are they now??

    Wanna talk weird – most cartoon characters have 4 “digits” on each hand.

    🙂 ***I’m kidding hahahaha

  3. Nice article but I doubt if there are 9 chakras. I know only 7.
    Something worth noting is that from up to down the chakras are coloured VIBGYOR. After the colours of spectrum.

    • Thanks Ishaan. The explanation in the book is that there are further chakras above and below the typical 7. That they are coloured (or are related to) wavelengths of visible light is intriguing, but of course there are wavelengths beyond both Violet and Red that we can’t see with our eyes.

      • Yes I am aware of the theory of 100s of chakras. But that seems to be newly propogated by new age thinkers. The early texts mention only 7.
        As far as my knowlege go, they were mentioned first in Kundalini Upanishad, a hindu text, but today it is largely viewed as a buddhist concept. I think buddhists would believe in 7 too.
        But I think we can see this with each chakra representing an energy level like in an atom. Tye chakras beyond the 7 would probably he connected to higher and lower worlds.

      • I’d heard of the theory of 100s of chakras but I now read “In some Shaivist traditions there are 114 chakras out of which 112 are present inside the body.” It seems that these are generally minor chakras, or just aspects of the major ones. For chakras that might be beyond (above and below) the main ones, perhaps these are a point of focus for other planes of existence; it seems we have enough to focus on here!

      • Yes they are minor chakras. They are present all over the body. There are 7 main along the spine.
        The lowest is where a highly coiled metaphysical snake called Kundalini rests. It rises through the chakras and upon exiting the crown, merges with Shiva and the human gets Samadhi.

        That is what I know.

  4. I love numerology and chakras and everything you have talked about here. Very interesting . Thank you ❤️

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