“Lockdown”, an early phase of The Matrix?

In the movie The Matrix, Neo finally sees the truth for himself; the world around him is just a simulation and his real body exists outside of it, plugged into a pod and wired up to that Matrix simulation.

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During a recent vlog I pondered how it might have come to be that the human race in The Matrix came to exist in these pods and plugged into an artificial world. Were they forced by robotic machines? Or were they somehow enticed or lured into such an existence?

With Lockdown in place it seems to me the latter would be more likely; just look at how we are all at home (in our pods) and plugged into our devices and living in a limited version of the world, a world that is not only constrained by the physical limitations of not being allowed to travel, but constrained in forms of truth, knowledge, information, news, communication and entertainment. All of these are limited by the very means they are supplied to us and limited through means of selectiveness also. What entertainment do you want to subject yourself to next? “Here’s a suggestion for you” You want the news? “Here are today’s headlines and death-toll figures.”

Food is also limited; some of us can still go out to shops, others can’t or choose to shop online; either way we are limited to what is available to us (some things being in short or limited supply at this time).

Part of the reason we are here is through the threat of punishment if we don’t comply. Neighbours snitching on neighbour, police giving warnings and handing out fines. Being a good citizen and playing along seems to be the easiest way to go about our lives. We are given handouts to keep us calm, “Don’t worry, your wages are still being paid and your rent payment frozen.”

Another part is the fear of the “Covid-19” virus infection itself. Stay safe, stay home, protect the NHS (and yourself and others) and save lives. Wait for the solution in the form of vaccination… science will bring that, science has the answers. Faith? Faith in a God, faith in your body’s ability to handle things on its own, well that’s just silly.

Whether it be threat or fear, it is generally our choice, given the options, to stay home and voluntarily plug ourselves into the artificial world.

Fast forward, through a phase of optimisation, where the technology made available to us better plugs us into, and ‘augments’ our reality with that of the system that at its backbone has the internet, or “the cloud”; doing away with clunky hardware that we have to switch on, that could be turned off, left behind, and walked away from, or broken, to that of a variety embedded and implanted into our bodies, leaving us permanently connected, tagged, and traced, with no escape, no freedom.

As for food and that long-awaited vaccine (along with all others we’ll need for all other such viral infections and diseases we can no longer develop an immunity from due to our long-lived isolation and games of Social Distancing), all that can be dripped into us, intravenously. Why not? Science can make it possible, science is right. Why eat any more? Why choose your next meal? What is choice when the options become so limited and suggestions readily presented to us? Just hook yourself up to the supply of perfectly calculated and balanced sustenance, and stay comfy in your pod. Sleep now, human.

Before you know it, this nightmarish world will be over. It will be a long-forgotten thing; you’ll be fully integrated into the system and the green pastures on the other side of the illusion will be our ignorant bliss.


  1. On point!

    Most insightful of you to connect the dots.

    Indeed, this theory is one of my Fermi’s Paradox solutions. If we can immerse our minds in worlds beyond worlds, all virtually created, with all the sensory stimuli provided in-situ — why would we ever want to risk space travel to see worlds that probably don’t exist anyway? https://anonymole.com/2017/01/30/never-to-the-stars/

    But you pointing out how we’ll willingly surrender to the Machine is spot on.

    • Of course, we could be in the simulation already, and if it came about by some early Matrix-like willingness, as I wrote of, then we it was ‘some ‘time previously’ that we surrendered to this system of things.

  2. Hey, I have to join this blog! People have always believed what “they” want them to believe even when it is obviously detrimental to personal health, wealth and happiness, and to the planet itself. The C-19 BS proves how easy it is to get people, even so-called educated people to sign on the dotted line, then queue up at the slaughter house.

    • Hi, I’m pleased to have you onboard! It is sadly quite surprising how so many people are seemingly and blindly following along with this “C-19” thing in this way.

  3. Just assume that humans created simulation technology thousands of years ago that we are inside just one of those simulatiions and part of it too. Just imagine that we don’t think for ourselves but follow a predetermined script. That would save our creators a lot of memory and processing capacity.

    It could be true. The license plate of the car in which Franz Ferdinand was killed contains a reference to the end date of World War I.

      • It is only that if there are to many of such coincidence it may not be just coincidence. At least you can’t be sure as it is possible that we live inside a simulation and that free will might not be computable or too expensive for large scale applications (7 billion people).

      • This got me thinking about graphs depicting Moore’s Law in progress and that of human population growth.

      • A few people with free will may be simulated but simulating a civilisation as complex as your own probably isn’t possible due to computing limitations. The alternative is taking a shortcut and script it like a story. That can still be entertaining to those who own us. We watch movies to and find them entertaining so I guess it is not really a problem for God or the gods.

        If the creator civilisation has billions of people desiring this kind of entertainment then they must support billions of simulations and the processing capabilities to run one civilisation are probably limited. Chaos theory suggests that a butterfly can create a storm and change history. Trying to compute that is hard already. Billions of people with free will in a simulation seems impossible to me.

      • Now you’ve got me thinking about dreams!
        I’ve had these times where I’ve dozed off for a short amount of time, only to then wake and “recall” having had a vast and epic dream, that leaves me wondering “How the hell did all that happen in the space of 10 minutes!?” I then considered that the dream didn’t really happen during that short time, but really was only “invented” in real-time while I was supposedly recalling it.
        The idea that not everything happening is really happening (or has really happened) “because it’s a simulation” seems to me to fit this. Similarly, our brains don’t need to process everything going on around us, only what is relevant; similarly a simulation doesn’t need to have everything figured out, indeed, if 99% of people are thinking the same trivial stuff (like sharing the same stuff on Facebook, or watching the same things on Netflix/Youtube) (and lack free will as you say) then a lot of processing power/storage capacity/energy is saved, and left for the truly original stuff.

      • In a simulation it makes sense not to represent atoms and smaller particles as long as no-one puts a microscope on them. Saves a lot of memory.

        It also makes no sense to represent stars and planets in every detail if no-one is going there.

        In any case, the evidence for our minds being controlled, if there is any, probably comes from meaningful coincidences.

        To make them happen, all the ingredients have to be ‘synchronised’, including your thoughts. This happened to me:


        And this is just one of the many meaningful coincidences in my life.

        And of course I would like to think of myself as an ‘original mind’. Being a mindless bot is not what most people want to be. The consequences are, for instance, that we are intrinsically worthless.

        But I do not really doubt there is no free will.

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