“Camp Corona” Week 3 + 2019 Trip

After another fun week camping in my back garden during the Coronavirus “Lockdown” (click here for Week 1, and here for Week 2), I venture back out.

I also continue reading through my travel diary from my trip last year, continuing on by bike from Sheffield to Kendal, a mere 100 miles in one day with a bike loaded with camping gear. I then reach the Scottish boarder the day after, and then continue on, westwards…

Here is Week 3 of “Camp Corona”, starting with Day 14, which features Day 6 of my 2019 trip:

Day 15: https://youtu.be/XAvUY07XU48

Day 16: https://youtu.be/cJ9ER_KpNGs

Day 17: https://youtu.be/OmtxZksO5Xg

Day 18: https://youtu.be/AdXy41wyt8g

Day 19: https://youtu.be/eetI8xZo-l8

Week 4 coming soon!


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