David Icke’s ‘Agenda 21’ – Part VI

These are my concluding thoughts after watching David Icke’s talk on Agenda 21. I divided this over four parts, you can click here to skip to Part I: bmhonline.wordpress.com/…part-i

It seems we become so used to all this stuff that Icke talks about regarding what he calls Agenda 21, and what I have chipped in with this regard, is that we fail to see it and what it does to us minute by minute, hour by hour, day, month and year, until our time here is over. Icke says we should turn round and face it now.

Once the hour-and-thirty-minute video ended I had a strong urge to switch everything off, perhaps a desire to sit quietly in a darkened room. A desire to go a little “off grid” for a while, as much as I can since I need to come online from time to time for my work. I often get this internal calling which seems to stem from my feeling of being addicted to the internet which turn generally stems from being in Second Life (SL), but lately has probably evolved into watching too many Youtube videos, oh the irony! I’ve written about my SL addiction before and it has been a long slow process with some days or weeks feeling like I’m on the right path, only for things to swing round the other way and I find myself absorbed into it again for days on end. It seems I can’t avoid one without avoiding the other; I can’t sit at my computer and just get done what I want to get done, whether it be some work or researching or writing something specific – I get sidetracked, drawn in, and addicted and then I feel troubled by all the other things I want to achieve yet I find myself questioning what it is I really want to achieve because if I really wanted to be doing those things, then I’d be doing them, surely!

I wonder if almost everyone who is online regularly is an internet addict. It certainly feels like everyone I come across in Second Life that has been there for 3-12 years has a problem, whether they see it or not. I see some of the same people in the same places day after day, week after week. I don’t want to become this, I don’t want to be this, yet I have. The only way out is to get out; I’ve tried regulating my time there, but something, an invisible thread tugs, and lures me back in, it’s the strangest and most worrisome of sensations.

Then I tell myself that, really, it’s not all so bad; I have some friends there; I have a need to share some of my life with others, just like I do through my blog, but then it comes back to those fears of narcissism and ego that I talked about earlier (see the end of Part III), where, similar to perceiving the addicted behaviour of others, I see the traits, symptoms and tell-tail sighs within myself.

I tell myself I haven’t bought too deeply into the global system; I recognise things (perhaps through the eyes of a cynic) for what they are; how people are lured into debt, brainwash themselves with endless mindless “entertainment”, I see the food that isn’t food, and the joke that is the political system. Yet I am still part of that system. Again, Icke says we should turn round and face it now, the reality before us, especially the true one before it fades completely from sight as it feels it is doing.

On the 100777.com website I referenced in Part I I spotted part of this fitting quote:

…stand firm against the crafty acts [of evil] because we have a struggle, not against blood and flesh, but against the world rulers of darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavens … Stand firm… with the belt of truth fastened around your waist, wearing the breastplate of righteousness, and having your feet shod in readiness to declare the good news of peace … And to that end stay awake.” – Ephesians 6:12-19

A fellow blogger shared the following relevant video. It’s a good essay and a great reading voice for the topic, but I question the LOTR grandeur provided through the scenery and background music (in addition to the voice!)… a feature also of other Snordster videos (I watched the next one); sure these things convey the message well, but we have to listen carefully to those words as if we were reading them and properly absorbing that essay in order to properly react to the truth therein (although with regards to the video that came after, I don’t respond well to the call to action in the way that such people ask):

The concluding irony as I post this final part on this topic is that it’s Earth Hour later today (Saturday); 8:30pm-9:30pm, that and British Summer Time begins on Sunday when I typically do my annual shutdown of my “SETI-heaters” (16 days short of climbing a rung in the UK standings), AND it’s the end of a week-long SETI@home challenge where the team I’m in competed with others (we finished in 2nd place). I now get to see how little electricity I can use over the next seven months.


  1. I can’t bring myself to watch David Icke’s videos, partly because I fear getting sucked in to an unbalanced world-view and partly because I remember how he was before he went – I’m searching for a better word but not finding it – bonkers. OK there are better words, but that’s how Isee him. Trouble is, he’s probably right about some stuff, but I don’t believe in massive conspiracy theories

    • A lot of the talks by him really do draw you in (I’ve come across ones by others on conspiracy theory topics that do the same). I’ve watched some more videos of him since and he’s not always so ‘connected’ as I felt he was in this one, more ‘clutching at straws’… and bonkers, yes 😉

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