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David Icke’s ‘Agenda 21’ – Part III

This is Part III of my thoughts about and mingled with David Icke’s talk about Agenda 21 [see Part I and the video here]. Some topics might reappear from previous parts (everything really overlaps), but this section covers the following:

  • more on education

  • more on Creativity and Empathy

  • “Smart” technology

  • Ancient Egypt

  • NASA and Blue Beam Project

  • Electromagnetic radiation and WiFi

  • Sensitivity

  • DNA

  • Fukushima

  • Alien beings and weather control

  • Wars

  • Police forces, teachers, and Narcissism

  • Politics

At the other end of the education story which I ended Part II with, there is reporting of a “massive decline in creativity as ‘children have become less emotionally expressive, less energetic, less talkative and verbally expressive, less humorous, less imaginative, less unconventional, less lively and passionate, less perceptive, less apt to connect seemingly irrelevant things, less synthesizing, and less likely to see things from a different angle’” – a study by Kyung Hee Kim, a professor in Virginia USA. It would seem that everything plays a part in this but to sum it up it stems back to the cumulative effects of everything that were mentioned at the outset; food, vaccinations and electromagnetism used by technology. Icke really slams the education system, calling to students not to subscribe to it; I agree with this on the level that people get qualifications and then end up in a menial job that doesn’t make use of what they learned, leading to depression and a sense of worthlessness, and debt.

In addition to our energy requirements, and technology as a whole, Icke makes us think about the term “Smart” that is a buzz-word right now (similar to how “the cloud” is thrown about). First we had Smart cars, ultimately meaning they drive us around negating our need to control them, then we have Smart TVs which second guess what we want to watch, kind of like Youtube, but right there in our living rooms where we tend to relax (I’m thinking now that we should never relax around technology), and then there are Smart homes, which take away our need to think about how warm we feel or how bright the sunlight is as it shines through the windows, and more recently I have been questioning this push for Smart Meters; the ones that monitor the electricity usage in our homes. In some way I have been sold a little on this latter technology as a means to regulate our power usage (it’s explained in the book Ten Technologies I read recently), to help counter the effects of global warming, in its current stage here in the UK, the way that it is being “sold” to public, I don’t buy into it, in fact, I am highly sceptical and I’ll list my reasoning in a future topic as it warrants its own.

I do wonder, however, if the ancient power grid that was mentioned earlier, was not something akin to what we’re heading towards now, not only providing free energy, but control too. This idea came about after I read about NASA’s Blue Beam Project and Serge Monast a couple of months ago – you can read it here:

The thought that came to me after reading that, and reared its head after watching this video, was that a means of countering this to a certain degree is to turn off all electronic devices, and the power off too, as much as possible. Indeed I have watched talks by Barrie Trower in this regard, but again, he too risks being someone that talks too much and thus dulling our ability to react. Trower talks mostly about the harm caused to us by electromagnetic radiation, but Icke goes further to say that “information” is brought into our homes and transmitted to us, to speak to us subconsciously. I’m not so sure it goes this far, I think the technologies that we surround ourselves with affect us on a primitive level, affecting our mood and our ability to think freely, and even dictating our belief system (there is a ‘God-spot’ within the brain that can be quiet easily turned on and off); it’s a background noise that we can’t “hear” as such, although some people are more sensitive to it than others, leading to restlessness, an inability to sleep (although staring at a screen in the evening certainly wont help) and even nauseousness. Often we battle through symptoms either to get work done or because we’re hooked on the tech, just like a drug addiction, until the way we feel becomes the norm and we don’t recognise any difference. One new thing for me that cropped up in this part was the use of lighting systems to deliver this noise/information; coincidentally here I have an LED light bulb (think how we’re all being persuaded to make the switch to energy efficient lighting) that while still pretty new started to emit a faint but annoying high-pitched buzzing noise. It is of such a frequency that not everyone can hear it, but I can, and can now only withstand using that in a room where I flick the light on while I retrieve something, it’s not a light I can leave on all the time or work under. A key consideration here is that, again, we can’t always hear or feel these noises that are disturbing to us; I had a client who noticed he couldn’t sleep well with his broadband router next to his bed, I could actually hear its feint buzz and knew why, but he couldn’t.

This is echoed here:

Dr Robert Beck, an expert in nuclear engineering, and Dr Michael A. Persinger of Laurentian University in Canada, an expert in ELF radiation, made a study of the potential of electromagnetic mind control.

Dr Beck told a Psychotronics Association in 1979 that human subjects exposed to certain ELF field patterns reposted sensations of uneasiness, depression and foreboding. He said that he had measured the Russian Woodpecker signal and found that is was acting ‘ like gangbusters …. right in the window of human psychoactivity’.”

‘The signal was permeating power grids in the United States, it was being picked up by power lines, re-radiate, it was coming into homes on the light circuits …’”

Different people have different levels of sensitivity, and sensitivity isn’t always at a conscious level. Those light circuits weren’t “built for the job” as Icke puts it, but perhaps smart meters and smart grids are. Icke tells us we should say no to such systems but it seems it’s all too late, this has virtually crept in under my nose, I’m only keeping it back from the door by not replying to the letters requesting that I arrange a day and time for my meter to be replaced, although it seems the signals are here already, it’s just this step gives more control and feedback.

Icke explains that there is being created a “sub-reality”, kind of like augmented reality, but layered into the electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us, feeding us information on a subconscious level, manipulating us on an emotional and hormonal level, and perhaps manipulating our DNA also. Quoting neuroscientist Michael Persinger:

For the first time in our evolutionary history, we have generated an entire secondary, virtual, densely complex environment – an electromagnetic soup – that essentially overlaps the human nervous system.”

Icke then raises the topic of Fukushima, claiming it wasn’t an accident; I hadn’t even considered it along the lines of a conspiracy but I have since learned a lot more, namely two things. 1) It wasn’t just one power plant that was affected, and 2) it wasn’t specifically an issue with diesel generators at the sites but the water pumps, the problem is that the latter points are avoiding attention, while the consensus seems to be “just protect the diesel generators.” This doesn’t prevent a similar problem occurring again and all nuclear power stations around the would should be investigated to safeguard us all from further radiation leaks which, as it turns out, were possibly worse that Chernobyl. You would think by now that lessons would be learned.

Icke says that the reason lessons haven’t been learned is because the alien beings that want to come here need the earth to be polluted in this way.

At 1:15:00 he talks about war and how, when there is something that “needs targeting” ‘they’ covertly fund rebels, and then we end up with an Al-Qaeda, or ISIS situation – I’ve read about this is books by the likes of James Bamford. Icke says we’re leading towards a war with China and Russia, after going to war with Iran; that day will apparently come. This list says a lot:

And this map:

He says that we will fight World War III “to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. I think we have seen all this fall in to place pretty much; we’ve already seen how the economy is bankrupt, and when we pin religion on a group as their excuse for doing what they did (I’m thinking of Mohammedanism and Al-Qaeda again) we become spiritually exhausted (because religions have been where we have pinned our spiritual experiences); religions also teach of moral truths, and thus these have gone by the way-side; there is no such thing as a morally just war. We go to war and then our own freedoms are lost. To further enforce this, the nature of police forces have apparently been changing (teachers in school I would guess also). According to Icke, the more honest member of the police have been leaving, not able to deal with the system they are faced with, and increasingly instead narcissistic ones have been recruited; I’m not so sure about this but I have become increasingly, lets say, sensitive, or aware of egotistical and narcissistic tendencies in general. (admittedly when I ponder such traits I look within!) Narcissism is “A psychological condition characterised by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy [we’ve seen that’s a key here], and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.” I think these traits are “encouraged” within the online world where we post stuff about ourselves and seek likes and followers.

We have narcissistic leaders and narcissistic people following them like a bunch of children doped up on E-numbers (apparently it’s not sugar that has that effect) “cheering for the next stage of control” was a curious phrase Icke came out with at 46:00, and made me think of how people cheer in their new governments, especially in the US. I do think that a lot of these scenes are set up with “supporters” on show to the world through television are more “actors” or other people that are already duped into the system they’re screaming emphatically about, it makes me cringe.

Click here for my concluding thoughts:…agenda-21-part-vi


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