The Illusion of Progress

Unbeknownst to me whilst I was cycling along to my first client of the day earlier this week, another space craft had failed to successfully land on Mars.

My thoughts though were thus:

What if The Great Pyramid of Egypt is as fake a hoax as the ISS (International Space Station)?

Now hear me out…

As far as I’m aware both exist in equal measure, I’ve not visited either but I have seen the latter with my own eyes, whizzing past in the dark of the night.

The Great Pyramid is some unfathomable thing, maybe a machine or device, that was apparently constructed by many people. This would have kept these many people busy for a long time (assuming the huge rocks weren’t cut and lifted into place by giants or alien beings). But to what end? Or to what beginning? It seems to me that all those people were sold on an idea, that this magnificent thing will perform magnificent things… perhaps granting its dead occupant (not that anyone was ever found in it) safe passage to the next life. Think of the logistics of feeding and homing all of these people? And why? Just to keep them occupied, perhaps.

Then there is the ISS. How many billions of dollars has it consumed so far? And to what end? To be a step on the path of progress that will lead us on to other planets. Sure it provides jobs, and not only for those that work directly on it but the subsidiary companies, and beyond that to the unsuspecting tax-payer, the slave labour, the puppets/muppets.

War and all that surrounds it from weapons development to espionage seems to be another case in point, Edward Snowden knows. It absorbs vast taxes and what do we all get sold on? “Security” “Safety from…” “Freedom”

And then back to space and we have our probes, also costing millions and billions, that spin off and crash somewhere, sending back some pretty pictures (apparently) and “data” so we can “do science” on it. All in the name of progress.

iPads and mobile phones fare little better in this argument. We are sold on a promise of something better, improvements to our lives complicated lives (which was made this way by the very things that claim to be our salvation), keeping up with progress and “technology”, keeping up with the Jones’…

This is all meant to sound cynical, rather than bitter, and with a hint of tongue-in-cheek, but what if I’m right? What if it’s all fake nonsense, spun out to keep our little minds and bodies busy and distracted?

One comment

  1. In was in The Mighty Micro (Evans,1979) I first came across the idea that technology will reduce the need for work so that we only have to do a few hours a week each, leaving the rest for leisure, self-improvement and creative activities. It had probably been said before then, and has certainly been said many times since, and it obviously could have been possible long ago but for human nature (e.g. greed, indiscipline). So lots of unnecessary things are sold to us to keep us busy and distracted.

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