My YouTube Introduction (pt.1)

After much procrastination I finally got my act together and created an Introduction of sorts on YouTube… a few upload attempts later (the final taking an hour or so) and my short video is below…

In it I show you my current reading pile which includes books on kabbala, yoga, pilates, tai chi, NSA/CIA espionage, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Arthur Mee’s Children’s Encyclopedia, and more. You’ll also see some sheep!

Soon after making this video I realised there was a list of things I’d forgotten to mention, so here is Part 2:


    • Yes, I had to lower the video quality to improve my upload time so things aren’t so clear sadly. I’m looking into a way around this. I have some plans to include more views in future videos.

  1. Good first effort for a video, you started off making strong use of the visual medium but might need to plan ahead more things to show us.

    Notably the Wylfa reactors are being decommissioned and aren’t generating any power, not much of a power plant anymore but they are an interesting historical oddity ( The proposed replacement power station has much higher capacity and needs duplication/replacement/upgrades of the transmission network.

    • Thanks for the feedback and interesting link… I particularly like the references on that page of both Wylfa and North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program. I will look more into the transmission network requirements because it certainly interests me; perhaps I will drag myself off to one of the regular local meetings about Wylfa-B.

  2. Relax! You did great! It was nice to see the children’s encyclopedia that you’re always writing about. It’s bigger than I was picturing in my head.

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