Another Outlook Rant – read, flag, pin, delete

I took a glance at an email in Outlook today that I intend to deal with tomorrow, so I returned to my Inbox and proceeded to mark it as Unread, so I don’t forget about it, but the option had moved.

The options of read, flag, pin and delete, which are normally hidden until you put your mouse over where they are*, have been moved from beside the Sender’s name, to the far right of the row.

This is 1) Bloody annoying* and 2) Not conducive to a efficient work-flow in my opinion since I had/have to move my mouse all the way over, from the left, to the far right. Hard work indeed, and I don’t even have a 4K+ screen set at maximum resolution.

*It’s especially annoying the first time, because, as I say, they’re hidden until you put your mouse over the area/row and you’re staring at where they used to appear, waiting for them to appear so you can continue on with your day.

As far as I can tell, there is no option in the Settings to change this layout.

I do see that Gmail and Yahoo! Mail are similar in their approach as the Trash/Delete icon appears on the far right in a similar fashion, but they have been this way for however long I don’t know, and it doesn’t mean it’s the best way and that Microsoft should copy them. But maybe I’m wrong.

Also, if you drag your columns narrower so they are pushed more to the left you can end up with a huge blank space on the right with those read, flag, pin, delete icons hanging out way out there.


  1. You are not wrong! MS did move the bin icon from the left to the far right. Annoying!
    The week before last there was an insanely annoying pop-up with phrase suggestions on how to begin an email every time I began to write one. I immediately gave them the feedback they asked for stating I’ve been writing emails for years, found these suggestions incredibly intrusive and to remove them immediately. Much to my surprise, the suggestions disappeared.

  2. I have MS Outlook on my system but don’t use it as such. It seems to me that the software engineers for MS must change and therefore to justify their job they reinvent the wheel which was going round perfectly well thank you very much until they mucked it up. Other first letters to ‘mucked’ are available.

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