Hidden in plain sight

Lately I’ve been reading books that might be considered to be of an esoteric nature; some about things like the ritualistic nature of magick and Freemasonry (and also of the Adventures of Professor Branestwm, if not but to provide some humour and less seriousness to the balance).

In considering these things (the serious ones that is), it became more apparent to me the various signs and symbols that are hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see (without the need for five pairs of spectacles); I’ve long been aware of what some describe as symbols of the illuminati.

Yesterday I watched what would appear to be an unrelated video on Youtube by Scott Manley on the topic of the world’s largest optical telescopes. I’d been delving into this particular topic over recent months, in the form of a GCSE Astronomy book by the late Patrick Moore, so I was already conversant with the many names and faces Scott put forward in his short but well-articulated documentary. What caught my eye though was that with pretty much each image of the astronomers was the various hand gestures on display.

One could suppose that these gestures were meaningless, or accidental, but given that these pictures were of paintings and the subjects and their positionings would have been carefully chosen, accidents these surely could not be.

Similar arguments can be put forward on the topic of celebrity photographs in relation to the so-called illuminati. A photograph might be considered to involve a “quick snap”, but many of these photographs are clearly staged and as carefully considered as their oil on canvas counterparts of centuries past.

Who chooses these poses and gestures I wonder? Could it be the astronomer or celebrity themselves, and if so why? Could it be the painter or photographer? Could it be a person who is directing all of the above and/or paying for the end result?

Whoever it is, one can then ask again, why? Why that gesture? More often than not these gestures appear awkward rather than natural, even if this is only slight. In the case of modern day celebrity many of these gestures seem to be, or are portrayed as something ‘cool’ such as the ‘devil horns’ on display in the crowd of a rock concert – the entire audience is not privy to any actual meaning behind what they are doing, they are merely mimicking what they are taught/brainwashed to do by the system they are playing along with; it’s all a game/folly to them – little do they know. Perhaps also the celebrity themselves are equally naive; in those photographs they may simply have been directed this way or that “bend your little finger a little more” or “how about covering your eye for this one…”

What is the message or signal being given as a result?

Today while I stood in line at a supermarket I was beside the newspapers and magazines on display and I glanced over the various images and headlines there.

As is common, the Queen was featured on one and I scrutinised it while I waited to be served. She was clearly laughing, or feigning a laugh, which is somewhat uncommon for the queen, but she was also holding her wrist in what appeared to be an awkward manner. What did this mean? I wondered.

Once home I managed to find this image online:

Looking more closely it has now become apparent to me that it is not (only) that the Queen is holding her wrist, but is displaying what I have come to learn is not only the so-called “a-ok” sign (such as is used by divers, of which the queen is not), but what some (such as in the field of the topic of the Illuminati) describe as the number of the beast, the 666; the thumb and first finger form the circle and the remaining three fingers form the three ‘tails’ of the 6s.

Some have noted that this symbol is in such logos as that for Cern (the so-called Doomsday Device), and how this means the Illuminati are, or devil is, involved here also.

Looking more closely still at the picture of the Queen and we see in the background a photograph. This is of her father, King George VI – this is not here by ‘accident’ (I could argue that nothing here is by accident); indeed the headline of which we relating to is regarding the Queen, on Sunday, 6th February, celebrating the anniversary of her father’s death which marks her “historic 70 years on the throne serving the people of the UK and the Commonwealth.” The former seems like something odd to laugh about, but being “the Queen of” millions, if not billions of people, I can see why she would laugh about that. Mwahahahaaaa.

The photograph of King George VI is a famous one with his dog, and here too is perhaps one of those awkward, but intentional, hand gestures; it’s not entirely clear though due to a shadow being cast in this lower corner of the image (again, perhaps not accidental, and perhaps even exaggerated in the developing stage of the photograph). I would hazard a guess, based on a quick search to corroborate a hunch, that it is a ‘masonic’ gesture signifying “a Mason”, since it widely stated that King George VI was a Mason. Looking more closely still I notice the chequerboard (checkerboard) tie.

What all this means is for those in the know to know, to those privy to those archaic system that the mere masses know nothing or little of (even if they themselves have been admitted into the Brotherhood of Freemasonry), to recognise and acknowledge a message to them and act accordingly, it might be reinforcing the obvious message, or it might be contrary to it, or nothing to do with it at all, a message hidden in plain sight (some might say “The Devil is in the detail”) – to anyone else, sign language is for the deaf (or perhaps the blind?) – they just see the nice picture.


  1. I love stuff like this! It’s fascinating to go through pictures to look for clues in hand gestures, the question though is why do they do it? Even if these celebrities are told how to pose, why do the illuminati want to let us all know with very subtle signs. Does it make them feel more powerful, perhaps?

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