Would You Rather?

So, Tatterhood posted the following on her blog:

Here are my choices:

  • I think I’ll have to meet my great grandparents, does it mean I get to travel back in time?
  • I think I have enough time, it’s just about managing it better… money could help with that; paying someone to do the stuff I’d prefer not to, so I have more time for other stuff.
  • I’m not sure about life rewind/pause… maybe give my past self a nudge in the right direction now and then. It bothers me when people seem to want to fast forward things; live in the present, don’t rush to the end/it’s about the journey not the destination!
  • Wouldn’t knowing all the world’s languages include “cat” and “dog” and “dolphin”?
  • As it stands, even I’m not turning up to my own wedding… I think the funeral will be mandatory.
  • Elevator. On a ski lift you might end up with hypothermia, although the view would surely be better.
  • I have dinner alone all the time, it’s fine.
  • I don’t think the world could be peaceful if there was still hunger, it would get interrupted by the sound of grumbling tummies for one thing.
  • Sky diving; it lasts longer.
  • I’d rather be as I am my whole life rather than a child… although I probably thought the same in my teens/20s…
  • Having neither friends to go on holiday with or a spouse makes deciding between the two quite tricky. The thought of life revolving around only one person seems somewhat odd (although I have been in that mindset).
  • Salad, unless I’m full of flu.
  • Brand new house, if I had to choose one. I’d sell it and buy a brand new car (assuming I still had to have one), and live off the rest.

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