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Science; myths and hoaxes

Thanks to my free trial of Amazon Prime I watched the movie Interstellar yesterday. I almost thought I’d watched it before but then I recalled that what I had actually … Continue reading

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Live, Die, Repeat

A film I finally watched last month was Edge of Tomorrow (or Live. Die. Repeat), starring Tom Cruise. Ironically I’d already bought it on DVD when I found it for … Continue reading

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Death by Dangerous Cycling

18 months ago a pedestrian died whilst crossing a road. She was collided with by a cyclist. The court case escalated and has only now seen the cyclist convicted of … Continue reading

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Free Trials and Amazon Prime

Aside from ebay, Amazon is my other go-to place online to buy books, DVDs, music, and occasionally other bits and pieces. Since forever, Amazon have been offering me free next-day … Continue reading

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How They Brought the Good News… and death to a horse.

I reached one of The Children’s Encyclopedia’s Poetry sections and it began with what was an “extremely spirited poem” by Robert Browning and originally published in 1845. Three riders set … Continue reading

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Stupid advertising… pointless products

I’m presented with a mother tending to some crayon drawings her child had kindly blessed her wall with, and thanks to the “gentle wipes” that would clean that up without … Continue reading

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New Recycling Boxes and Practices

In addition to the letter and things I sent to Unilever recently (see my previous post), I also had reason to write to a local supermarket I frequent, and my … Continue reading

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