“I got boosted…”

Today was a rare occasion; it involved driving my car, and which for the final miles of my trip I elected to put the radio on.

After enjoying some Рахма́нинов* c/o Classic FM – my brainwave manipulating station of choice, I was confronted with the usual advertising trollop, and as has been the case for the past couple of years, the usual so-called left-wing brain-washing propaganda involving “Covid” crap.

Today’s dose was particularly offensive to my senses. It clearly involved the voices of what I would deem to be young actors (although “actors” could be loosely interpreted) and therefore the messages were clearly targeting youngsters. “Hey kids, who wants to have their voice on the radio? Simply read this, or tell listeners the reasoning you want to parrot for being a good little citizen and getting your ‘booster’?” Each actor thus duly read/said their piece which consisted of…

“I got boosted to…”

“I got boosted for…”

“I got boosted because…”

Basically all listing the bollocks reasoning that, assuming these were all young and healthy youngsters, as I did, was deeply concerning. Namely to maintain their “protection against Covid”. Sorry kids, but if you go around as normal you will maintain your “protection”; there is increasing evidence that youngsters are at a greater risk of harms, such as from myocarditis, and everyone is at increased risk of reduced immune functions (i.e. AIDS) with the more vaccines and boosters they are subjected to, risks that will outweigh any potential benefits.

I was bothered by the use of the term “boosted”. To my ears it plays down what the “booster” is, and labels it in a fashion that is fashionable and ‘cool’ to younger ears, especially coming from what could be portrayed, in an auditory sense, admirable peers. I consider that the term comes from the art of boosting a car, i.e. to add a turbo charged boost, something that might be considered ‘cool’ to the target audience. The NHS is clearly exploiting the terminology, and young actors here, to attract youngsters; one could easily determine if there were any older voices in the mix, and there were none.

Additionally, I considered the legality of advertising that targets children, but all I could find with a quick search was the following code of practice [link]:

The Code does not prohibit targeting advertising at children but it does expect that advertisers consider their audience carefully [as the NHS has clearly done]. Broadly, the Code states that marketing communications addressed to or targeting children must not exploit their credulity, loyalty, vulnerability or lack of experience [which the advert I heard was clearly doing]. While it is acceptable for ads to present products in a favourable light that may appeal to children, they should not go so far as to suggest that a child might be unpopular as a result of, or lacking in courage or loyalty for, not owning or buying [into] the featured product. [Clearly this would be the result].

It bothers me that the NHS is still wasting tax-payer’s money on this brain-washing rather than perhaps putting the funds to good use in getting waiting lists down for those actually suffering from various non-self-inflicted medical conditions (like replacement joints).

The NHS knows who in their database have relevant health conditions that actually put people at risk should they contract actual Covid and they could contact these people personally – just like they did at the start of the “vaccine roll-out” (surely at less than the cost of radio advertising), rather than subjecting all and the rest of us, and in particular the least at risk, the young and (assumed) healthy to the nonsense.

It is all nonsense because after more than two years this could all be over and done with now (no not by having everyone vaccinated/injected with an artificial substance) but by everyone acquiring immunity and maintaining it through healthy and normal living.

I’m sorry to all the kids and youngsters that are being wrongly targeted and propagandised over this – the truth is, the truth that the term to be “boosted” hides and plays down, is that what you are being “sold” is a drug, an artificial substance, that is to be injected into, and provide harm to, your body, a body that is most likely perfectly capable, given the right natural conditions, of dealing with something now as benign as “Covid” largely is.

“You got boosted to put your health at risk…”

“You got boosted for the benefit of those benefiting from maintaining this charade… to maintain your position as a part of, and a slave to, the system.”

“You got boosted because you were sold a reason… to appear good, to appease your pears, parents and teaches, all of whom have been equally sold on the ideology…”

I will use a list of recent videos from the Youtube channel ‘DarkHorse Podcast Clips’ to support my opinions:

Anti-scientific recommendations/KidsVaccineDay: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSGVcQLdycc

Masks dehumanizing children: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFxoFlFVS9o

Deceived about vax safety: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayPIO6kFDYk

Insights into vax enthusiasts: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UcDwKMrwjM

Catching Omicron instead of vaccine: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOnHxCgVMzc

Booster vaccines for life: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogssvgn7G-4

P.S. I’ve been learning some Russian and it amuses me that I can read the name Рахма́нинов!


      • You may well be right. Still, a complete waste of taxpayers money. The NHS is a failed organisation and should be demolished. The fact they promote the poisons is despicable and evil.

        It is written that Jesus said “It is inevitable that stumbling blocks will come, but woe to the one through whom they come! It would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.”

        Those who promote the vaccines have been warned.

      • Many thanks for the link. I said early on that lockdowns were ultimately stupid, although there were pros and cons which I wrote about on my site.

        But the excess deaths in care homes were inexcusable. I hate to think what really went on, there was nobody to properly check. I said some elderly residents probably gave up hope and died of a broken heart.

  1. For a moment I thought I was going to read you have been summoned for your vaccine. LOL 🤣

    Children are more likely to pull through covid than adults, so yes, I somewhat agree that unless a child is high risk, that there is no requirement for a healthy child to be given any form of vaccination.

    Obviously I’ve had the flu jab since I was a nipper due to my CF, but I know my parents wouldn’t have booked me for the jab if I was healthy.

    So yes, the NHS know who is high risk and they are the ones who should be contacted.

    • There is in fact no need to give anybody a vaccine for anything unless they like taking a risk of harm or occasionally death. Or if you are big pharma and want some more money of course.

    • Those that had the vaccines probably did these diseases. It is surprising what poisons will do to the body. And that people by and large don’t check what is in the vaccines. I didn’t check myself until 2020 at age 60 years. Now I have I wouldn’t touch any vaccine with the proverbial barge pole. Russian roulette is not my idea of fun.

  2. Now you know what it feels like as I was required to as a teacher to label my slower students in politically sanitized ways. ie. academically challenged, special needs…

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