Can I Get a Booster?

Can I technically have a ‘booster’ “jab” if never got one (or both) of the original Covid-19 vaccines? I’m sure Google could answer this, but I’m largely asking rhetorically.

My initial thought is “no” since the booster jab is surely for those that want to boost the supposed immunity provided by a previous injection. However, one could also suppose that a booster could boost ones immunity regardless of whether that was acquired artificially or ‘naturally’.

With the latter, it seems pointless to boost a naturally acquired immunity since you’ve dealt with the thing once, and if you go around as normal, you’ll likely maintain that immunity. Of course some people have underlying health issues whereby they might consider vaccination, but otherwise, why subject yourself to being injected with an artificial substance*? (another rhetorical question).

*Especially when doing so carries its own set of risks #myocarditis

That there is no offer of testing for immunity prior to vaccination/boostering is also another unaddressed issue;

  • What if someone already has a high level of antibodies from previous infection/injection?
  • What if someone has just been subjected to the virus and is in the initial and unrecognised stages of disease and they get a further ‘dose’ injected into them?
  • Is there an upper limit for antibodies? Surely there is a limit beyond which is either pointless or dangerous.

Sadly as is the case; many people still aren’t going around as normal (even the official narrative promotes continual mask-wearing) and I know people who’ve ‘been struck down with’ Covid twice, or at least, clearly had it once, and then a year later got the sniffles, and did a test that came back positive. This particular person I’m referring to wears a mask “as they are told to do”, so as you can suppose their original immunity waned. I also don’t think they manage their health all that well. With each highly accurate and positive test complete there’s another classroom, school, office, or business that has to close for two weeks.

The reason I raise my somewhat hypothetical question (and type this blog post) is because I switched my phone on today (yes, my phone actually gets switched off) to receive a text message supposedly from the NHS:

From: NHSbooster

Every adult needs a COVID-19 booster vaccine to protect against Omicron.
Get your COVID-19 vaccine or booster. See NHS website for details

“Roll up (your sleeves), roll up (your sleeves), get your boosters now!” I’m not completely certain this is actually from the NHS; I did some googling and all I found was, yes the NHS have been texting people, but as the website states “You can trust your text message is genuine if it comes from ‘NHSvaccine’ or ‘NHS Booking’, includes a link to the website, and gives you the option of phoning 119.” Mine doesn’t match this criteria. The lack of full stop at the end discredits any remaining legitimacy; I’m not going to trust someone to inject an unknown substance into my arm who can’t complete a sentence in a proper and reassuring manner.

Still, if it is from the NHS this will be my first official request to receive such “vaccination”. Up until now if anyone raised the topic of whether I have been, or am getting, vaccinated, one line in my arsenal of responses has been that I’ve not been invited. I was beginning to think I’d dropped off the radar as far as the NHS was concerned, I’ve not been to the doctors for around 10 years when I received a round of antibiotics for an ear infection (which in hindsight (or hearing) I’m convinced would have cleared up on its own). Prior to that it was a preliminary checkup after moving to the area; they should have my notes about previously being on asthma and hayfever medication, and I thought this would put me in some level of “at risk” category. But I suppose since I let my prescriptions for those things laps many moons ago (preferring to manage these things without a lifetime of drugs*) I drifted off the system.

*I largely think this whole Covid-19 vaccine thing is to get people used to a lifetime of drugs. Not only is injecting an otherwise healthy person with an artificial substance multiple times a year nonsensical to me, but who knows what the next dose will contain, or what the long-term repercussions will be. In the least it makes people drug-dependent and without the mindset to consider facing health issues in a natural and holistic manner. But that’s not what the drug industry wants. It wants you dependent on them. The system wants to you be passive and docile; just stay in your pod, Neo; remain oblivious to reality.

I like how the government implements/inflicts rules and regulations and laws and yet still does its own thing. I heard about the whole Christmas Party debacle and laughed (while others were annoyed (because they’d been good citizens themselves), and others still thought it was ok (because Boris and his team were doing such good work and deserved to let their hair down)); it didn’t bother me since I had a normal Christmas that year regardless of what bollocks was being pushed at the time. The same can be seen with unsolicited text messages being sent out of which there are rules and legislation governing such practices for any other company; perhaps there is a form somewhere that states I accepted the NHS may from time to time send me something by text, who knows, kind of like the whole lack of opting in or out of donating your organs when you die.

Regardless, the text message is just doing the pedalling for Boris (and other governments) who persists on being a poster boy for the multi-billion dollar vaccine companies. It even looks like an advert: “GET BOOSTED NOW!” What gets my back up most is that it states “Every adult needs a COVID-19 booster…” Umm, no they don’t.

Catch it once and move on. The end.

Two years in and people are still going along with this nonsense – the whole idea of masks, initially, was to prevent/limit the spread, “protect the NHS”, “flatten the curve”, but the thing has been spread, well and truly – why are people trying to stop the spread of something that supposedly exists everywhere already (“mutations” is a nonsensical answer when natural immunity provides wide-reaching protection)? Often these arguments appear to be echoed/regurgitated by people who do little to maintain or improve their health – the vaccine (and medication) are the solution for them. Some people are coming round though; if anyone still gives me a look that is as clean as their mask they’ve been reusing for months, because I’m not wearing one, I’m now oblivious to it – it bothered me for a while, the fear of being called out or criticized for whatever thing they think I’m doing wrong. The irony is I think I’m doing the right thing; for one thing I’m not subjecting other people to the psychological harms of being faced with a masked face; I’m trying to show people that it’s actually safe to breath the air, I’m not prolonging this nonsense by going/playing along with it.

The general consensus for Omicron (or the Morinic variant if you care to rearrange the letters to the more accurate order) is that it gives you nothing more than the sniffles, which as many of us will recall, is a normal thing to experience at this time of year here in the UK. The only problem is for the testing (which again, people need to pack in) since Omicron spreads easily, but this has been said to be a good thing since it will provide everyone a chance of catching it and thus acquiring immunity with little chance of ill-effect, providing you go around as normal. But none of this is good for the medical industry’s business model.

Boris wanted a million people a day to be receiving the boosters he’d signed up for (I envisage Mr Pfizer wearing-out the palms of his hands because he’s been rubbing them together so much – “Just sign here Mr Boris” [the voice of Mr Burns]). The doses have got to go somewhere. Kind of like how all of the discarded masks need to go somewhere; again, two years in and billions of vaccine doses and needles can be manufactured, billions of masks can be stitched together, and gallons upon gallons of hand sanitizer can be whisked up and slathered about, but yet no recycling scheme for used masks has been implemented?

Some Links / Videos:

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  1. Well, the answer is ‘with difficulty’ because I know someone who had their first two jabs in France and was refused a booster because they were not in the English system. I believe students in Scotland have had similar issues if they have tried to get a booster in England. However, the friend from France did get one at a walk in centre in the end. Doesn’t it worry you that a high percentage of people in hospital have not been vaccinated, and that some apparently young healthy people have like you thought they didn’t need jabs and have ended up on ventilators?

    • It is indeed an issue that these systems are disconnected in these ways, even with countries not accepting the vaccines or criteria chosen by others (such as what qualifies as “fully vaccinated”).

      I have previously heard it said that a high percentage of people in hospitals are unvaccinated, but I have also heard the opposite, that a high percentage are actually vaccinated (and that the vaccinations they had received had either not prevented this, or caused them to be there, such as the myocarditis issue of which data shows largely affects young fit and healthy males.) It seems to depend where one gets their information.

      There is also the argument I raised that, if people keep masking up after recovering from the virus (or being vaccinated) that immunity will wane. I dealt with the virus at least once and kept out of hospital (although being asthmatic and the issues I encountered this was no trivial matter), I am confident to deal with such things again should my body react to something like that in the future – the experience taught me things, just like having asthma or hayfever has. For now I focus on managing my own health and fitness.

      • I agree that not many fit and healthy younger people who catch covid will end up in hospital, and those who do are extremely unlucky, as they would be if it happened with ordinary flu. But the government don’t give a toss about individuals. What they are concerned about is what things look like, such as if there was a multiple accident and victims (such as children) (or even an individual accident) died because there wasn’t the capacity to treat them. So basically they are pushing vaccinations in order to slow the spread and hence any hospital undercapacity, in the hope that with time covid become endemic and can be handled like flu. I think the end result of that is the same as yours (other than for what it looks like). Risks from things like myocarditis come down to balancing probabilities.

      • “the government don’t give a toss about individuals. What they are concerned about is what things look like” – I certainly share that observation.

        Covid spread within the first 6 months of it – it would have become endemic for all if immunity had been acquired already, but alas we’re 2 years in, and counting. The governments, vaccine producers (who are making a mint out of milking the whole thing, and continually for the medical industry at large, and complicit media outlets are playing the “variants/mutations” card, which for Omicron has proved to be mild. I’m not sure what, if much of anything, the governmement has done to address the hospital capacity issue, which has been an issue for years prior to Covid during the flu seasons. I know it initially took some medical students out of their final year of training to help, but then it has likely ruined the education of other students by having them all stay at home. Waiting lists for other treatments have grown, which in itself will reduce life expectancy for many.

        Balancing probabilities is probably the best we can all do, I like that.

      • Hello from Sussex

        Covid 19 is the ‘flu I had thought by now most people would have worked it out. Sadly not.

        Covid 19 is the ‘flu, dressed up as a monster to scare people, re-branded if you will. This helps big pharma etc, control the populace and make more money.

        The ‘flu is the internal toxicosis of the body, mainly via urea, partly due to metabolism of food and partly due to the many poisons in our environment which can and do enter our bodies in the air, food and water. The ‘flu cannot be transmitted to someone else as it is individual to each person.

        Unless your blood is given to someone in a blood transfusion, for example.

        Injecting poisons such as via vaccines merely adds to the toxicosis problem. Vaccines have never been of any use, it is merely that constant and persistent ‘advertising’ persuaded people that they were of use. The various deaths and harm have been well-documented over the decades. It is being documented now.

        Vitamin D deficiency is the true pandemic due to indoor working and living away from the sunshine which, if we do the right thing things, will give us vitamin D (free!). Big pharma etc. are not keen on free as they don’t make much money out of it.

        Vitamin D levels drop in the winter months, depending on latitude, due to reduced sunshine levels and as any gains in the summer months are depleted.

        Government couldn’t give a toss a you say which is why they are testing vaccines to prove once and for all that they don’t work (assuming you count being of benefit of course) and never will.

        However, in the meantime lots of people like playing Russian roulette with their bodies. That is both sad and mad.

        None of this rocket science, if I can work this out, so can everyone else.

        Kind regards

        Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

      • No problem Brian – I didn’t (really) mean you; specifically.
        My thoughts on this matter… I would guess that “they” (the powers that be), would want to see the vaccination card – you know – to update it with the booster record.
        No card – no booster. That’s my take on it, anyway.

  2. A very interesting blog, which has given me a lot of thought.

    Each year there is a flu vaccine program for the elderly and those who have respiratory issues such as asthma and Cystic Fibrosis.

    These vaccines aren’t tested prior to the program, but people are more than happy to have them.

    COVID-19 is a variant of flu as the basic symptoms are the same, but impact was higher in the first year due to it being a “new kind of flu”, which over time has mutated and become weaker to the extent the latest mutation, Omicron, is likened to the common cold.

    I was vaccinated with the first dose nearly a year ago with the Pfizer vaccine, the effects of which was the same as the flu vaccine, which left me with a sore arm. The second and booster had the same effect.

    I’ve had the flu 3 years on the row between 2015 and 2017 as a result of working in a care home. I never had the flu before or since this. In all 3 cases I never realised I had the flu with how little it impacted on me. As far as I was aware, I had a bad cold and dry throat.

    My parents had both COVID-19 vaccines and still got COVID, but likened the symptoms to flu. Whether this is due to the vaccine reducing the symptoms or the virus being weak by the time they got it I’ll never know.

    My 2 nephews both had COVID-19. One was after having the vaccine and the other before he was offered it. The latter is the same as you…he questioned whether or not to have the vaccine as he already has the antibodies from having COVID-19.

    There are a few more people I know who have had COVID-19 and likened the symptoms to flu AND had the vaccine too.

    IMO because you’ve already had the virus, I don’t think you need the vaccine. Whether the booster will work without the first two vaccines I don’t know. It should do.

    It is interesting that everyone I know who had COVID-19 live in towns or cities. You are the first who lives in the country I’ve known to have COVID-19. So that speaks words about where you are more likely to get it, but that’s another topic.

    A very interesting and thought providing read.

    PS it doesn’t bother me at all that you’ve not had the vaccine. You are a very sensible person and look after yourself very well, which in a way puts me to shame. Even though I can be active in different ways without the need of cycling and running.

    As for masks…all they do is prevent you breathing germs onto other people or breathing in germs from other people.

    The other thing it does, which is why I try to not wear one, is not allow your body to expell germs when you breathe out. All that happens is the germs go into the mask only for you to breathe them in again.

    I’ve had this discussion many times with the Cystic Fibrosis consultant who think the use of masks is dangerous.

    Masks should be used for the following purposes:
    # surgery…the operator wearing one to prevent germs and saliva dropping into an open wound.
    # carpenters…dusty areas
    # plasterers…dusty areas
    # sex workers…for the kinky things 😂🤣
    # by your nutty neighbour…oh hang on, Cybermen, Auton and Silurian doesn’t count does it? 😂🤣

    The latter being a joke…or was it?

    • Hello from the UK.

      Very good! I did a post on mask myself and when to use them. Sex workers one did not cross my mind. I don’t get out much! I have a link if you are interested.

      Of course there is the man in the iron one, but he was forced to wear that. The Lone Ranger, Zorro – perhaps these don’t count?

      As regards vaccines and the ‘flu or covid 19 as it is now known after re-branding by big pharma, I see that they are doing their usual job of giving people the ‘flu or Covid 19.

      Vitamin D deficiency true pandemic but doesn’t make much money for big pharma. Healthier to life in country away from toxic fumes etc which add to the toxicosis of the body leading to the ‘flu/Covid 19, moronic variety or any other variety you can think of. Big pharma will like to have ideas for their next cunning plan to con the public of their hard earned cash.

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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