Egregore, Zombies, Vampires, and Witches

Since we’ve just had Halloween (as I write this), I thought it would be an ideal time for me to share these various topics and thoughts; Egregore, Zombies, Vampires, and Witches. Before that, I enjoyed a typical (for me) quiet Halloween evening by lighting my first fire since last winter; it wasn’t really that cold for me to need one but the yearly practice seems special, and my cat enjoyed being sprawled out in front of it. I lit candles too and this year my costume was in the form of a Gryffindor hoody, that, had I coupled it by wearing glasses and my scarf, I could have looked even more fitting; previous years I have dressed as a “creepy butler” if only for my own amusement since I don’t get trick-or-treaters. I sat by said fire, consumed a couple of the treats, and read a book about vampires (more on that in a moment).


That first term, “Egregore” I first encountered not that long ago, but I found it fascinating and could see how it fit with my perception of my own experiences as well as the world at large.

“Egregore is an occult concept representing a distinct non-physical entity that arises from a collective group of people … [in addition to referring to actual non-physical beings] the concept has referred to a psychic manifestation, or thoughtform, occurring when any group shares a common motivation—being made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of the group. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation.” – Wikipedia

You can surely see from this that such world-affecting things like the topic of “Covid”, or “9-11” before it, could each be considered to be Egregore. This is sort of why I feel deterred from talking about such things most of the time; it’s almost like talking about certain things puts fuel to the fire and encourages and promotes them, even if you do so in a negative manner, like suggesting something is bad or evil. The argument generally is that by talking about such things to people, such as to children, you’re educating them about potential harms.

Here is a real life example:

During my childhood I went to some summer camps that were essentially religious in nature and run/promoted through a church a relative of mine attended. The camps were fun for me as it was like a week-long sleep-over with a chance to make friends, go on outings, and play games.

There was an educational aspect too along the lines of things like drink/drug/smoking awareness. This culminated in us putting on plays where we dressed up and supposedly acted out the harms/effects of these things. The weird reality, as I see with hindsight, is that we ended up glorifying these things; we dressed up as stereotypical weed smokers who we perceived as self-perceived cool kids and pretended to smoke joints and live out the lives of these “yobs”.

This was all play acting, but I do now wonder if the adults that oversaw this actually saw what had happened, that we’d made something we were supposed to be deterred from, actually “cool”, and cringed as they sat through the spectacle. Or did they just laugh and cheer and see it all as a “bit of fun” as we did. I don’t think my adult-self could do that without seeing what I now perceive to be the reality of it and feel immensely uncomfortable. I’ve grown up to see a lot of things differently compared with how they looked during my innocent years; pop music is a case-in-point.

While I failed to keep in touch with any of the friends I’d made at the camps I went to, I know of at least one that became a drug addict shortly after, and still is to this day; he’s pretty messed up. Since my years of summer camps we have seen the widespread use of the internet and smartphone usage; addiction is, I have learned, far more than just smoking, taking drugs, or drinking too much, and where addictive tendencies are encouraged then egregore are at play.

The Zombie Apocalypse

Before Covid began (although while the virus itself was being concocted in a lab) a person I was talking to mentioned how awesome it would be for some sort of zombie apocalypse to actually happen, like they wanted it to happen because life was relatively boring and things needed stirring up a little. I think they had recently watched a movie of that nature. It was then somewhat amusing for us to then see the beginnings of Covid take hold and what was seemingly some sort of actual apocalypse; we had empty streets and supermarket shelves.

This person seemed to automatically assume they would be one of the victors in their imagined zombie apocalypse scenario, but some 12-18 months in to “Covid” and I began to see things differently.

From the start of this ‘apocalypse’, where the baddies in the story were making people put on masks, and queue like zombies outside supermarkets, and walk like zombies by following arrows therein, this person was doing the same. They didn’t agree with the rules or being told what to do but they felt it was easier/better to follow along rather than be give “dirty looks”, or confronted (by the zombies). I could see their predicament having experienced these things myself on a few occasions, but all these months later and there were a couple of times where I found myself with this person, either on a shopping trip, or when we went out for a meal, and at the onset of both I experienced a “wtf” moment; as soon as we arrived at the supermarket carpark, or when approaching the restaurant door, they (and their children) were strapping on their (zombie) masks. I’m sorry if you do the same, but that’s how I see it.

It completely caught me out when this person and the kids did it but I saw what had happened; as much as this person had talked with me in agreement about things, they (and their children) had been suckered in. I don’t mean to express that in demeaning terms, because many people have, and it’s not like I haven’t had to conform/play along at various times, but the virus that is Covid and the Covid the topic, government-inflicted measures, the things pushed by the mint-making medical industry, the rules, and regulations Covid, are two different things; one has just been exploited by the other, if not created by it.

I knew from the start that wearing masks would lead to more things being inflicted on us; mandatory vaccinations are creeping ever closer, and for many they have pretty much already hit. “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.”


The topic of Egregore lead me on to Vampires. I’d never really considered blood-drinking vampires to be real, just something in Buffy the Vampire Slayer of novels like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but prior to Egregore, I had come across such terms as energy vampires, and narcissists – I’d kind of deemed these to be almost the same, but not consciously acknowledged it.

I’m pretty sure many of use have been around people that leave us feeling exhausted and wanting to avoid them; the so-called friend that repeatedly rants about their partner or ex, brings up the same old crap, and never solves their issues but continually lands them on you for you to solve for them (an impossibility because they keep living the same life). They might just waffle on for hours about mindless twaddle that doesn’t interest you in the least, or worse, subject you to negativity that leaves you on edge or a nervous wreck if allowed to continue, affecting not only your mind but your health too. You may not have consciously acknowledged such a person to be an “energy vampire”, the term might seem silly, but they can be deemed as such.

I’ve now read a couple of books on this specific topic and have found them to be fascinating; I now see how vampires are real, indeed you might even consider yourself to be one – I think many of us give and take energy (besides from the food we consume) during the natural course of our lives, but in acknowledging it and putting out positive thoughts and words should be the sought-after approach (this is not always easy however!) After learning more I’ve found it intriguing to consider the few people I encounter that are either delightfully positive (or skilfully portray themselves as such) or are zombies that go through life in an almost completely passive manner; sit in front of your TV all day and follow the Covid rules and regulations (and others that have become normality) and you’re most likely, as I deem it, at the receiving end of a vampiric system and drained of your own will and, at worst, almost completely soul-less… not that there isn’t a way back from that sorry state, becoming aware of it is a powerful first step.


I wouldn’t have known what to add to the topic of witches if it wasn’t for recently watching a podcast by a well known channel on Youtube (which I’ll not specifically name right now). It surprised me to witness them during one of their typical discussions casually dismiss witches; “Witches aren’t real.” I thought the remark was incredibly naive, especially coming from someone who harks on about all manner of conspiratorial topics and people being silenced on various social media platforms (and how wrong that is). Such silenced people are removed because they talk about things that these establishments don’t deem to be acceptable*, not among the masses at least**. Isn’t this exactly a burning at the stake, and what any person deemed to be a witch (or Templar Knight) was subjected to? It’s not that what they said was false, otherwise why are they or their practices deemed a threat? The exact opposite is surely true.

*There is a further possibility that some conspiratorial content or content creators are removed to actually fuel the discussions on such, since removing one well-known person, or something on a particular topic, generally leads to many more people talking about it. In the land of Youtube the platform may be seemingly avoiding a conflict of interest with their advertisers by removing the “offensive content” but then making more after the fact from all of the other channels combined that are around to discuss it at will.

**Some knowledge/practices is/are possibly what a global elite (or minority) want to covet, and not be privy to the masses.

Of course, just like self-defined blood drinking vampires (because according to those books I read on the topic some do actually exist), many a self-defined witch could be just pratting about with things they think are real, but having no tangible effect on anyone else. On the other hand, we could once again bring the topic of Covid back into this and propose that the mixing together of various parts of animals (viruses) in a cauldron in a coven (lab) and then inflicting the maker’s (a witch) will and wishes on unsuspecting people is witchcraft but under the name of science or virology*. There were also the various Brave New World-esque rhymes and mantras, spells if you will, to lure the (now victimised) masses into subjecting themselves to will of the witches.

*More recently I’ve started to define this original Covid, as a bio-weopon produced under the hand of not only one country, since I can’t understand what good reason such viruses would be developed and medalled with in a lab; until such a time as someone might back this claim legally (which may never happen because the scope is now far too vast), it’ll remain classed as a simple virus, just as the masses believe it to be.

Satan himself could be considered at play here, but then some folk believe “God has provided the good scientists with the wonderful and magnificent vaccine that will save them.” That and anyone not doing the good thing are the ones under the devil’s spell. That the vaccine has been concocted in a similar fashion and is being released on the masses like the original “virus” says it all really, but the spell is working its magic… perhaps this post might go a little way to counter that, God willing!


  1. An interesting read. This has shed a different light on COVID. I certainly felt like a Zombie at times and glad to be out of that and feeling human again.

    Nice to read you lit your log burner…soon this will be me doing this.

    Yesterday I saw coal being delivered across the road. Something I’ve not seen happen since I lived with my parents. Their joining neighbour had a bad experience with gas, which resulted in him taking out all gas appliances and fitting a coal fire, which he used to heat water too. On a daily basis in the evening we would hear him scrape out the ashes before applying a fresh layer of coal ready to light the fire. He was a really nice neighbour. Nice family too. He passed away not long ago and his granddaughter inherited the house. She’s in the process of renovating it.

    Great thoughts shared in this blog, which in turn had me share my thoughts and memories.

    Thank you

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