Re. “Why doesn’t natural (Covid) immunity count?”

I often watch Youtube videos on the topic of Covid, some argue in favour of certain things, some against. When I feel like I have something to say in response to various such things I sometimes post my short replies on my dedicated Neocities page, mainly because I didn’t/don’t want to overwhelm my blog here either with such short posts, or too persistently on the same kind of topic. This has kind of left me not posting much here at all it seems. However, I found my list of comments on a video I watched today to be quite long in the end, considering it was only a short video. So here goes:

The video:

My responses:

1:36 “I don’t know anybody who would deliberately want to get an infection if there’s an effective vaccination available…”

Perhaps people who:

  • have faith in their own body/immune system (there are not so many of us it seems, but one can surely be forgiven for being brainwashed into believing the majority are ‘at risk’ or living a lifestyle that makes them so)
  • have/maintain good health so feel they have little to worry about
  • believe natural immunity is best [this has been shown to be the case in various studies – no I’m not going to go out of my way to cite them.]
  • have concerns about [potential] harms posed by having a substance injected into them
  • distrust the system/people that is/are pushing for vaccines
  • prefer natural remedies over going down the route of mainstream medication

Perhaps it’s not “deliberate” but ‘they’ prefer to take their chances or live their lives ‘normally’ rather than in fear or hiding behind a mask, awaiting their invitation to be ‘vaccinated’.

3:04 The article states that “natural immunity varies from person to person”… but the same can be said of artificial immunity/how well a vaccine protects the person…

4:28 It goes on to state “Not one of over 1300 unvaccinated [people involved in the study carried out] who had been previously infected, tested positive [for reinfection] during the study… [and thus] concluded that [those who already contracted Sars-Cov-2] ‘are unlikely to benefit from… vaccination.’ In Israel, researchers accessed a database of the entire population… and found [virtually the same]…”

The argument of immunity waning (after about 90 days) is continually put forward, and my argument (continually), is, if you go around as normal in an environment where the virus persists, then you maintain your immunity. Continually wearing a mask and trying to avoid the real virus when you’ve been vaccinated (or already contracted the virus)… will indeed lead to your immunity waning.

8:26 That it’s too complicated to test everyone prior to vaccination, such as with a simple finger-prick test, is nonsense (although one could always question the accuracy of such a test)… ‘they’ simply want to inject everyone with their ‘vaccination’ regardless.

9:12 “It [has become] apparent… that people [are] forgetting that herd immunity if formed by both natural immunity and vaccine immunity…” No, ‘they’ just don’t care; they want to inject everyone regardless. Isn’t it obvious? It could be just about money to the industry providing the vaccines.

10:34 There are “greater rates of side effects [from] vaccination… [with] those [who already contracted[ covid-19 [and] 56% more likely to experience a severe side effect that required hospital care.”

Why? Is the vaccine causing the harm, doing something/more to the body than the virus would, and to someone whose body is possibly still dealing the the aftermath of the actual virus? Again, why, if there’s no benefit to being ‘vaccinated’ after prior actual infection, would you subject yourselves/other to this risk?

An explanation “Most people who were previously ill with covid-19 have antibodies against the spike protein. If they are subsequently vaccinated, those antibodies and the products of the vaccine can form what are called immune complexes… which may get deposited in places like the joints [is this why we ache when we get the flu?], meninges, and even the kidneys, creating symptoms.” Furthermore, “a second does [causes] ‘exhaustion’ and in some cases even a deletion of T cells.” Although that person wasn’t prepared to go as far as calling this “harmful”, just that “the data are telling us that it doesn’t make any sense to give a second vaccination does in the very short term to someone who was already infected [because] their immune response is already very high.”

To me this all stinks of an ‘industry’ (and people) meddling in things they don’t fully understand. It could be said that this is how this whole thing began, in a lab in Wuhan, meddling with viruses, making them jump from one creature to another until it could make the jump to humans, all in a lab that wasn’t properly equipped to contain it. Oops.

The article ends with the point that “When the vaccine [program] was rolled out the goal should have been to focus on people at risk, and that should still be the focus…” That initial focus came to an end here when those people were vaccinated, the industry just persists in its endeavour to inject everyone. Is it just about money? It could be, but I am open-minded about the possibility/likelihood it’s not.

No one knows the long term effects of the vaccinations (or indeed contracting the virus itself), and it seems obvious to me that, like the annual flu jab, the Covid vaccines will be ‘adjusted’ over time. Who is to say that this wont happen in an nefarious way (even if it’s not such to begin with)? Keep deaths contributable to the vaccine at a minimum to begin with, and then once more … people think they’re safe, they start/continue to take them. One round of annal “booster” vaccines in some year down the line, could wipe out everyone who gets it (or harm them in such a way that makes them more dependent on drugs and the very medical industry that created all of this), or makes them sterile (which may well be a concern considering the vaccines are being pushed on the young now). Just another “Oops”.


    • I’d prefer to consider vaccines on a case-by-case basis along with associated risks.

      A quick search regarding measles reveals a relevant point: “Mothers who are immune to measles pass antibodies to their children while they are still in the womb, especially if the mother acquired immunity through infection rather than vaccination.” – Wikipedia

      • Society is not concerned with the individual.
        If all social constraints were applied libertarian style, chaos would rule. Now, I’m all for anarchy, I welcoming the coming apocalypse. But academically speaking, rules and laws don’t exist to corral the minority.

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