Happy May The 4th Day

It is my scheduled blogging day today, but I don’t have anything specific to say… since that ended up rhyming I’m tempted to continue in that style, but no, I shan’t.

I had a family birthday to attend at the weekend, and then once filled up on carbohydrates and sugar, and back at home, I elected to have another night in the tent. It was a nice night and not cold at all. I woke very early though, before the birds, on account of the carbs and sugar I think.

My May Day ended up being… I was going to say uneventful, but a friend on one of the socially-networky places I partake in suddenly sprung it on me that they were leaving the place. It made me quite sad, not only that they were leaving but because of all the other people, I considered, I once “knew online” who I don’t talk to any more. I also considered this as being some kind of “sign from God” that I should do the same and leave that place since I get a fair amount of anxiety from feeling addicted to compulsively logging in and wasting hours away.

I’ve always struggled to manage my time online and get done what I intended to. Having said that, last week I managed to get my time online down, and thus my electricity usage down to 14kwh, the lowest it has been for about 8 months; the only previous lower amount was when I went away camping!

I sometimes put my own electricity and internet usage into perspective when I consider what gadgets and devices other people use. I remember when dialup internet access gradually phased over to broadband. Subscribers were initially issued with a broadband modem that typically plugged into a computer’s USB socket, but this eventually rendered a lot of them useless once Windows updated and they became incompatible and obsolete. The next change was to a broadband router that worked independently, and then in came Wi-Fi.

I find it somewhat curious how Wi-Fi has been so widely adopted when mobile/cell phone masts were being objected to. “They cause cancer!” being a typical claim. True or not, they still emit radiation, as do pretty much all electrical appliances and gadgets.

I remember RF shielding being quite prevalent in computers back in the day; with desktop computers being big and sturdy, and even the micros before them having an added layer of metal inside the plastic casing.

Electromagnetic shielding that blocks radio frequency electromagnetic radiation is also known as RF shielding. The shielding can reduce the coupling of radio waves, electromagnetic fields and electrostatic fields. A conductive enclosure used to block electrostatic fields is also known as a Faraday cage.

I remember when there was a fashion in the 2000s for transparent computer cases with flashy lights in; I considered building and supplying such things but then thought against it on account of such systems perhaps not meeting particular safety and electrical standards… that and they would soon get dusty inside and not look their best for long.

Now Wi-Fi seems to be in everyone’s home, schools, and offices and few people question it any more. I do though. I have the Wi-Fi option on my router turned off and I use an Ethernet cable connected to my desktop computer instead (but even ethernet sockets are being phased out). When I occasionally need to use something wirelessly I have a separate Wi-Fi router I can turn on (it’s quicker than logging into the main router and changing the setting to turn the Wi-Fi on there back on, plus the signal from there isn’t great).

I also limit my mobile phone usage to work hours, since I don’t use a ‘smart phone’, nor do I use my phone for social stuff, let alone leave it switched on next to my bed.

Now everyone wants superfast broadband and a Wi-Fi signal in every room, with some broadband companies promising just this. But what does this entail? Basically additional Wi-Fi-emitting hubs dotted around the house. There seems to be no suggestions or advice relating to mitigating potential health risks or adverse effects, and it’s not like these don’t exist. I have one client who lives on her own but has two of these Wi-Fi emitting beacons in her home, in addition to Wi-Fi emanating from her router; she takes my advice though and turns them off at night when they’re not needed.

I remember, some years ago, a client mentioning they’d been having trouble sleeping and I discovered they had their Wi-Fi router situated on their bed-side cabinet. Unbeknownst to them it was emitting a high-pitched whistle, too high-pitched for their aged hearing to pick up, but my sensitive ears could certainly hear it. I moved their router to another location and all was well; it still made the faint whistle that is typical of some devices, but at least it was no longer happening right next to their head. The only thing usually left switched on in my house at night is the fridge.

I recently had to install some Wi-Fi extenders for a client. One problem area was in the bedrooms at the far end of the property away from the main Wi-Fi router. I opted to situate the extender in the hallway outside the bedrooms. Another client had plugged in a Wi-Fi extender on the wall opposite the bed, next to the wall-hanging TV in their guest bedroom. I immediately saw a problem; the lights from the gadget alone would surely annoy anyone trying to sleep in that bed.

How does any of this relate to “May The 4th” Day? Well, I could suggest the Force as depicted in Star Wars is real, but few people are able to develop such telekinetic and mind-controlling and reading abilities, and the human race is being hindered in achieving such development due to the prevalence of such harmful and artificial radiation, among other things.


  1. Good work, Brian. Due to too much work these last three weeks I found that my WP flow was completely depleted: it was enough just to get home and heat some nonsense in the oven while I climbed on the sofa. I found that I was, by week’s end, filling with a sadness. I knew at once that I was missing scratching out words here; I was too tired to write and life had again become unbalanced. Perhaps now, with some much needed rest and the space of two days off I can return. The sadness ebbs away.

    (This year I have made a point of not taking any electronic devices to my bedroom. I found, at once, that I was sleeping better; that my sleep was cleaner. Your garden camp reminds me that my tarp is at the back of the cupboard in the kitchen: this must be rectified!)

    May The Fifth Be With You.

    • Hi Nick, I feel I am fortunate in that I don’t work a regular 9-5, I don’t know how anyone copes with those beyond just getting used to it and having a diminished capacity for anything else. Sure, I can have some busy days/weeks where I can feel “unbalanced” as you say. Plus, emotional stuff can be exhausting too!

      It’s great to hear you found some better sleep by distancing yourself from your devices.

      Get that tarp out of the cupboard and share some adventures with us!

      Happy May The Sith…

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