Census Compliance (Part 1?)

I had an interesting and brief chat with “the census guy” who came knocking on my door today in his official-looking hi-viz jacket. I made the mistake of admitting that I have received the letter(s)/leaflet(s) regarding the census. Technically I haven’t since nothing of the like has been addressed to me*.

He asked me which I was going to do, the online form or a paper one; [very presumptuous I thought!] I said neither. Another such letter had been put through my door only this morning [harassment?] and the previous leaflet amused me as it had form-like check boxes for me to select which I was going to do “Complete the form today” or something else. There was no point to this “form” other than for me to maybe, supposedly, treat it like a To Do list and reminder to myself, but as someone who doesn’t want to fill in any form, I found it to be a funny sort of twisted psychology “Look in to my eyes and then fill in this little inconsequential form, so you’re well prepared to fill in the proper one like a good citizen…” [There’s probably a technical name for this type of psychological coercion, because it is actually a thing.]

The census guy politely responded with how that is my choice to not complete the census [indeed I like to believe I have a choice], but then went on to ask if I knew about the £1,000 fine. I said I had seen the threats on the letters [which is partly why I’m not complying, I’m not one for playing along with threats against non-compliance, I’ve had enough of that since last year, and this whole thing stinks of the TV Licensing threats].

And that was that. The census guy returned to his vehicle where I suspect he was filling in his own forms for a few minutes, before driving on to his next call. I’ll have to wait and see what transpires.

*It is my assumption that they need to be addressing me by name before they can be making official requests/threats that have any legal standing. I’m probably playing with fire, but I didn’t go on holiday last year, so I have £1,000 spare from the benefits they pay me [sarcasm intended] although some of the leaflets say “Up to £1,000 fine”, so there is hope.

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