My Interview with Russell Brand…

So, yesterday I had an impromptu interview with Russell Brand for one of his upcoming podcasts. It was on the topic of ‘the virus’ and how it has caused hardships for people and the people around them. However, I found some of the answers I was giving to his questions were becoming somewhat skewed as I was speaking them, and in my head I was thinking “that’s not entirely true…”

Then the interview became interrupted because a small group of kids had discovered him and they were trying to get into the room.

And then I woke up…

True story.

That’ll teach me to watch one of his podcasts on Youtube right before going to bed. Plus, I had been imagining (as I tend to do) a scenario where I happened to meet another (and more famous) celebrity and how I might be offered £1,000,000 if I could name ten movies (off the top of my head) he had starred in. The inclusion of sequels was not allowed and I couldn’t complete the challenge; I gracefully accepted my defeat and promptly fell asleep.

Just yesterday I vlogged about (amongst other things) how I’d watched, on Youtube, an Astrologer-Tarot card reader suggest that I might wear something yellow to attract/”manifest” some positive attention. Realising I didn’t own any yellow-coloured clothing I went on to ebay and scrolled through pages of t-shirts and necklaces. I gave up my search, not finding anything that grabbed my interest, and went to bed. Here I dreamed I had a (yellow) SpongeBob SquarePants soft toy strapped to the handlebars of my bike, which in due course attracted some welcome attention. Now I just need to practice the art of manifestation in the real world…


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