National Day of Unplugging – 2021

“The event will take place from sundown Friday, March 5 to sundown Saturday, March 6”

I guess I’ll be reading by the fire later… should that be a proper book though rather than a previously plugged-in-to-charge ebook reader, and if so, how might I light the pages? Suffer eye-strain with a candle, or use, again, a previously plugged-in-to-charge electronic torch?

I’ve had a few evenings by my wood-burning stove lately, it’s quite nice. I’ve also been dialling back my involvement in Einstein@Home as I head towards my lofty target of being 100th in the UK standings (that should happen before the month is out).

Will you be unplugging?


  1. I can’t believe I missed this event! If I had to unplug/stop using something, it would be Zoom! I could go a workday without it once in a while! Right now I spend about 3-4 hrs a day zooming (is that the correct term?)

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