A few steps later…

Today involved a trip out in the car to visit a client some miles away. I could have cycled but this person resided at the extreme of what I like to cycle in a day, and he was keen to see me as early as possible as he had another pressing appointment.

Many of my clients are older people, but that’s what I get for being a solver of computer issues. With the problems solved he could once again access the local supermarket’s website. He was, as he had informed me on the phone “Self-Isolating”, so when I arrived, and not having met him previously, I offered to wear a mask. He said he wasn’t bothered if I wasn’t because, as he motioned with a jabbing-gesture to his arm, he’d had “the jab”, I replied in kind (but not with any suitable accompanying gesture), that I’d already had “It”, so, (I think) be both deduced we were now immune and safe from one another. Why he was still “self-isolating” if he deemed himself safe, or safe from others, I don’t really know. I’m sure Boris and others will be screaming that having “the jab” or “It” doesn’t mean you can go about as you please, but I beg to differ.

Other visits have been quite amusing with their varying degrees of charades, such as the couple that requested I don a mask and slather on hand-sanitizer upon my arrival. I politely declined on the first by account of my “dermatitis” (it’s a little heard of strain… Dermatitis-Imaginaris), but I played along with the mask wearing to at least show some willing (lest I might be turned away and have had a wasted journey). That was until they offered me a cup of coffee; most people use instant, but I assumed they like theirs filtered.

Anyway, after my client today I got a short walk in the countryside for some fresh air… I don’t know, I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. But it was nice though; I didn’t see a soul the whole time, except for some curly-horned-sheep. If anyone was to ask, I had devised, I would say I was walking my dog, Sir Figment… [of my imagination]. I also picked up some litter.

Back on the road proper [my dog and I], I called into a local shop to pick up supplies. Can you guess how much this little lot cost?

  • Bananas (a bunch of)
  • Milk (2 x 1 Litres)
  • Broccoli (small)
  • Carrots (bag of)
  • A bag of salad leaves
  • Half a dozen eggs
  • A small pack of ham (one of those pointless ones that barely make a sandwich)

I’ll keep you guessing*.

I’ve now had some belated pancakes (I wasn’t in the mood for them yesterday), and I’ve progressed 5 minutes into a video (yes on Youtube) on the topic of “Steps To Prevent & Treat The Coronavirus!” It provides 7 (apparently) but they’re started with Vitamin D, something I’ve blogged about here [link]. Not only is Vitamin D preventative for all manner of illnesses, but it can help with recovery. It’s quite remarkable, and equally so that, given that it comes from the Sun, that (during Lockdown) we’re apparently supposed to only go out for essential reasons, travel no further than a certain distance, and all within the space of an hour. Now unless you’re going to stand in your back garden (if you’re fortunate to have one) for the duration (and given that it’s essentially winter here in the UK), I think you’re going to get utterly bored (and likely cold) doing that.

In my opinion 1 hour should be a bare minimum for time spent outside. One can of course take Vitamin D supplements, but the natural forms of vitamins are best. It was by the end of last winter that I’d come to realise my mood had dropped and I’d attributed this to Vitamin D deficiency. This winter I’ve fared far better; I’ve focused on that ‘minimum’ time outside and when I have been stuck in for a day or two I’ve tried to remember to supplement to make up for it.

Anyway, somehow, through all of this activity today, my Fitbit claims I climbed 350 flights of stairs… I’m not sure how that happened…

*£2.90. I’m good at rooting out the reduced-priced things (the bananas being the only full-priced item, but I needed the potassium after all those stairs).


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