The Importance of How We Die

Brace yourself, I’m going to dive into this topic with a graphic image (or two)…

We’ve all heard of the Holocaust and my understanding of it was, from learning about Anne Frank at school, and watching films like The Great Escape, that Jewish people were rounded up by the Nazis, sent to concentration camps, and then put into gas chambers to die.

When pondering this later in life I came to wonder why these people were murdered this way. Why not just find the people you don’t like and shoot them on the spot [if you’re so inclined to end their lives]? Why go through all this rigmarole of rounding them up and taking them to gas chambers? Even today we prefer to imprison people for life, rather than end their life once convicted.

It was likely that my understanding of the Holocaust was too vague and laced with naivete. Indeed, Wikipedia (which wasn’t around when I was at school) tells me this. That first there was the Kristallnacht, a violent riot aimed at the massacre or expulsion of the Jews. This was carried out throughout Nazi Germany in November 1938 not only by the SA paramilitary forces, but also fellow civilians. “The German authorities looked on without intervening.” Those that survived this were encouraged to leave [to where, I don’t know, although I know Einstein made his way to America], failing that, they were rounded up.

Most Jews who were persecuted and killed during the Holocaust were never prisoners in concentration camps, instead being detained at Nazi ghettos or forced-labor camps. However, those who entered the system faced specific harassment (often fatal)…

In one way or another, these people were killed, but again, why wasn’t this done swiftly? Was the suffering important? Was the nature of the death important? Was the place of death important? Was even the time of the death (of the many) important?

I can’t help but consider our present situation of confinement, because that’s what Lockdowns are; they’re a form of concentration camp, with many people’s conditions far worse than my own (many people were living in what could be considered to be ghettos way before “Covid-19” struck). People are lead to believe that this confinement and the myriad of other rules is for “the greater good”, and are to keep us all safe, but I am in disagreement, at least on an individual level. At worst (I suspect), a form of euthanasia is underway, and a slow one has been at play for a long time.

But why do it this way?

I can only think that something is achieved in the process and the form of death is either important, or it’s important for the truth to remain hidden, or all of the above. It seems that when atrocities of war are only pieced together years later, punishments are few and far between; or even, who do you punish when centuries may have passed? All you get is a “public apology” at best and the portrayed belief that such things don’t happen now.

However, suppose Karma and the Soul are real things. We all have at least a vague idea of what karma is, such as “what goes around, comes around”, and what the soul is.

“Good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and happier rebirths, while bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad karma and bad rebirths.” – Wikipedia

If we have a soul then what happens in this life continues, in essence, into the next. Perhaps how we die can have a strong impact (if not the strongest impact) on our next incarnation. If we lead a good life and develop ourselves positively, this will set our next life in good stead. But if on the other-hand we live a life of suffering and experience a traumatic death, perhaps this more than likely leads to a troubled next life. And so things spiral on.

In the movie, Edge of Tomorrow, the Tom Cruise character keeps finding his life resetting each time he dies. He doesn’t start a new life, but finds himself set back a number of hours, ready to try again, but with all of the knowledge and experience he gains along the way. What if the life of the soul is partly like this in that it carries with it its previous experiences?

A life (or soul) that is (repeatedly) hindered on its way and prevented from progressing is always going to be at a disadvantage compared to a life that is helped and encouraged. This can be demonstrated in this life alone with education, wealth and nourishment; give a child a poor start in life and they’ll most likely suffer throughout and die sooner than someone on the other end of the spectrum.

But what of death and how you die?

Imagine you are slowly poisoned throughout your life, but you are left unaware of this. Eventually you die of illnesses associated with that treatment, or the medication you were administered to alleviate the various symptoms you were experiencing. In your next incarnation you have a weakened start (spiritually), and you’re still oblivious to where things went wrong in your previous life. You can surely see from this portrayal how being kept in the dark with regards to your continual demise hampers any prospect of a way out and a way forward. In a world where it is deemed advantageous to get ahead in life, “kill or be killed”, “survival of this fittest”, it pays for those in a position to do so, to keep those who are in the dark, perpetually in the dark.

An obvious death, say a bullet to the head, could be advantageous in that either you would see it about to happen, or someone else might witness it; do that to the masses and it’s hard to hide what just happened. But hide mass deaths behind a vast cover of deception and confusion, with denials of responsibility, and that take years to carry out, then you’re onto a winner.

There’s an added advantage too, for there is perhaps no one individual that’s responsible for the killing (for to kill in this world of Karma is detriment to the soul). Each aspect of a stage of the great plan can be implemented in a way that appears to be “for good”, and carried out by many individuals or even faceless enterprises and corporations. The people implementing these things can either believe they didn’t see the bigger picture, or technically keep their hands clean (often remaining at the top of their pyramid, out of sight and out of mind); there was no trigger pulled, or the person rounding up the Jews wasn’t the one that turned the gas on.

Further reading if you want to read more:

I suppose, in creating Nazi soldiers, the leaders of these were perhaps still in the predicament of getting those soldiers to do what they wanted, which was to rid their land of Jewish people, killing them if necessary. These were men, women and children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, boys and girls; how do you train someone kill with no sense of shame? Perhaps you don’t want certain types of people in your neighbourhood, country, or even on your planet, still, how do you get rid of them?

How were the soldiers guided to this end? What were their instructions? “Just round them up, put them in trucks and take them to this camp.” That seems simple enough.

Then there are those that construct the gas chambers:

“Large-scale gas chambers designed for mass killing were used by Nazi Germany from the late 1930s, as part of the Aktion T4, and later for its genocide program” You can read more about Akiton T4 [here] if you so wish. It suggests a number of reasons for the methods, one simply being the most cost effective, another being what might be deemed acceptable under divine law. Again, whisking people away out of sight of a mass of on-lookers, seems like the nicer approach.

I have read some time ago about how the locations of concentration camps had occult significance. Was (and is) how people die of some mystical significance? When many people die at once in a particular location at a particular time of some mystical or dark significance? I’m inclined to believe so.

There is a minority who find themselves in positions of power at the top of a pyramid who are [hell-bent on] controlling the masses. The masses are given orders to, for example, stay in their homes. These are akin to cell blocks where prisoners are allowed to leave only for essential reasons such as to obtain food or a permitted hour of exercise, travelling no further than a set distance from these confines.

“Cell blocks” is really to put it naively. As a whole they form a massive concentration camp where people are forced to live in restrictive and debilitating ways, but this is sold to them in subtle ways under the banner of “It’s for your own protection. Stay home, stay safe.”

The term “concentration camp” refers to a camp in which people are detained or confined, usually under harsh conditions and without regard to legal norms of arrest and imprisonment that are acceptable in a constitutional democracy.

All the while the people in these camps are being euthanised; it’s like being gassed, but it’s carried out even more slowly and subtly, so slowly and subtly that the majority either don’t see it, or are too deluded by the whole scheme to act against it. This has been going on for years through not only food and water, the former both being increasingly depleted of nutritional value, but increasingly (and including the latter) laced with toxic substances including heavy metals and harmful hormones. Then there are the radio waves and microwaves, bombarding us; we’re even encouraged to buy the very equipment that does this to us. All this is debilitating and damaging to human beings and animals alike. It all contributes to a dumbed down, run-down, disease-ridden, unhealthy nation.

It’s hardly surprising that, when a contagion starts doing the rounds, death-rates start to climb. Ideally everyone would have good health to begin with and be maintaining healthy lifestyles because, in this instance, there would be less concern and of the minority that are at most risk extra assistance could be provided. Instead, however, because survival of the masses is not in the plan, actions are implemented that further inflict upon the masses, hastening their demise. (Even otherwise healthy people have their health and well-being impacted.) All this, as with euthanasia in its recongnised sense, is done humanely.

The Nazis termed their plan Akton-T4. Here is part of it regarding the murder of children:

“The Ministry used deceit when dealing with parents or guardians, particularly in Catholic areas, where parents were generally uncooperative. Parents were told that their children were being sent to “Special Sections”, where they would receive improved treatment. The children sent to these centres were kept for “assessment” for a few weeks and then killed by injection of toxic chemicals, typically phenol; their deaths were recorded as ‘pneumonia’…”

Will our current rules and regulations (lockdowns and mask-wearing) save lives? Will the vaccination of children who, right from the start, were classed as least affected by the virus itself, save lives?

Short answer: No.

Children and other healthy people could have safely caught the virus and formed a natural immunity, whilst being cautious around people deemed at risk. But we (or rather the powers-that-be) didn’t choose that path. Even the openly-publicised figures state that 0.5% (or less*) are at risk of dying of Covid-19.

*This figure would actually be far less if more people were healthier.

That vast numbers of the population are unhealthy is illustrated by the rise in obesity and Type-2 diabetes, and this is affecting more and more younger people.

Many people in Lockdowns have noticed they’ve put on weight and this will lead to more people being Type-2 diabetic.

Depression has also seen a significant rise; more children are suffering. Depression can shorten your life… depressing to know, isn’t it:

Both Type-2 diabetes and depression are said to shorten a persons life by about 10 years. It is therefore obvious that the rules and regulations inflicted on the masses will cause more deaths than Covid, but as stated above, this is the Plan; survival of the fittest. Jobs will be lost and more wealth handed over to the already wealthy at the top. And with reduced wealth among the masses leads to a further decline in health; increased poverty will surely lead to an increase in deaths.

Sorry for the bleak picture in this one! I’m off out tomorrow, after which, normal transmission should resume!


  1. Yes you are so right, every word. The parallels with Nazi rule are very evident. To me it shows that the same group or mind set have put this current plan in motion, or it is just a continuation of the same agenda.
    Thank you. ❤️❤️

  2. Geez, Brian your thinking worries me deeply here. I would think very carefully before comparing lockdown to concentration camps. None of us is being starved or gassed, we are being asked to stay at home for our own safety. I worry that you are watching too many videos on youtube; you’re very critical of TV but TV news has to be held to certain standards and is subject to complaints and vetting, none of which happens on youtube which is rife with conspiracy theorists. Don’t get sucked into that rabbit hole

    • I appreciate your concern Sarada.
      Official TV is certainly held to tighter standards, but I do quite enjoy listening to alternative perspectives as can be found on Youtube, although some there have managed to overstep the mark lately. Not all of my crazy thinking is based entirely on what I have heard on Youtube; the idea about the locations of WWII concentration camps was read on a detailed blog post I came across some years ago, prior to Covid-19; I’ve lost the link now though.

  3. I love bleak. It’s representative of our own fixation on the bad things that happen to us. (You don’t survive long if all you remember are the good things.)

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