Day 11 – February Blog Challenge

I’ve run out of steam today with regard to posting a post.

I was putting in a half-hearted/arsed-attempt at putting one together about lockdowns and electric cars, but after a couple of ropey paragraphs in I’ve resigned it to the Drafts folder (which I still need to sort out).

My day began with my morning cup of tea and I finished the first book of Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Then out for my morning run.

The mornings are getting brighter earlier here, but the days are somewhat colder. I’m about ready to start setting my alarm for a little earlier each day to make maximum use of the daylight, but that entails going to bed earlier, which is the challenge. The morning run has involved the use of a woolly hat and gloves with fingers.

I then had to visit a client, and cycling there was somewhat iffy with some icy patches on the roads; I don’t like cycling on anything that might resemble ice since I once came a cropper on some black ice. I’m now overly cautious even though I was only shaken up by the incident, but perhaps that was for the best and it keeps me safe today. Some NLP could perhaps remove that phobia, but then I might have a worse incident!

Speaking of NLP. My cat is broken. My sister bought him a packet of treats at Christmas, which he had a few servings of every now and then until the packet was depleted last week. It was only an occasional treat but now whenever any kind of packet or material of a similar packet consistency makes the ‘crackling’ noise that such packets make, he wont leave me alone!

He had just settled down this morning to sleep for the day (as he does) and I mistakenly found a packet I needed for an item to be posted. He heard that noise and he was wide awake and chasing after me, following me around the house. I told him he was crazy and to go back to bed; I even showed him the non-packet, he thought was The packet. I had to leave the room.

Back at home and later on after food and some Youtube of Neil Oliver having another rant about certain restrictions (I think he makes a lot of sense!), I played some guitar for a good hour.

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