Weekend Round-up – February Week 1

Yes, so that is what this post is, a round up of the first week of February. Exciting huh?

I couldn’t think of what else to base a post on today, having been out for most of the day.

I spend Sunday with my sister (and nieces) where we catch up on the week’s events, compare our Fitbit notes, and generally put the world to rights. After that we eat (I had a chicken and Yorkshire puddings to contribute today) and watch an episode of Star Trek Discovery. I then return home on my bike, taking a detour to put in some extra miles (topping my weekly total up to 100+).

Not my wrist

I’m still trying to do some yoga and other exercises, and run, every day, but even the task of yoga for just 15 minutes seems to slip through the net that is my daily To Do list on some days. I have managed to do the 2 minute relaxation routine on my Fitbit every day for over a week. The results seem to be pretty meaningless but Tuesday must have been a very chilled out day because I started the relaxation with a heartbeat of 48bpm and ended with 46bpm. Usually it averages around 56, but it can end higher than when I started!

There is a 5 minute one, so I think I’ll give that a try and see what happens.

I had a couple of fun laptop repair projects this week. The first one was fun because it involved cake, the second was fun because the delicate repair was successful and didn’t cost me anything.

I had been given a laptop that, from what I could deduce, had a faulty motherboard. I was able to find what was supposed to be a working replacement, but it arrived faulty (I assume because it had been wrapped in static-inducing bubble-wrap and electronic devices like this are sensitive to such things). Ebay awarded me with a full refund for that and I got to keep the board. The fault with the replacement seemed to be with the BIOS, in that the board was reporting that it was corrupt. So, after finally locating the BIOS chip…

(It is hidden under a plastic shield!)

I then set to desoldering each of the chips and swapping them.

Hey presto! The replacement board now works. More about the project can be found here [link].

In book news, I’m plodding my way through reading Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. The pdf is around 800 pages with notes, and I’m barely 100 pages in; I’m going to have to knuckle down if I’m to finish this book in the space of a month. The topics covered are certainly intriguing at least, covering things like talismans and astrology, and I’m imagining the following: “What if the world of man is being controlled and manipulated by a hidden minority who are skilled in the occult, and the rest of us are lead to believe in our world of ‘science and technology’, which is in fact merely a smokescreen and a limiting and blinding mindset.” Religions are seemingly being shut down in this whole “pandemic” thing after all.

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