Nine Days of Christmas Books

I take this idea, adopted from Lizardyoga, who in turn got it from Mybookworld24… it goes like this:

Day 1 – Ghost of Christmas Past. Name one book that you loved as a child. Coot Club – Arthur Ransome.

Day 2 – The Ghost of Christmas Present. One book that you’ve loved reading this year. I’m undecided; I read a few that have quite memorable imagery, that’s my measure of how impactful they have or will be. Often I read books and they seem to just pass through me, in through the eyes and out the back of my head. If I read “the right book at the right time” it would be most impactful it seems.

Day 3 – The Ghost of Christmas yet to come. Probably a copy of Peter Tompkins Secrets of the Great Pyramid that I recently purchased.

Day 4 – Bah humbug! Name a book everyone raves about which you can’t stand. I don’t think I read much of what other people (at least the masses) rave about, and not that people rave about them (unless they’re perhaps English teachers) I’d probably have to (at a stretch) say something ludicrous like “the works of Shakespeare”.

Day 5 – Bob Cratchit, an old dependable, a book you always go back to. It’s rare for me to re-read books since doing so hampers my progress through my ever-growing reading pile, but a notable one that I have returned to this year would be The Only Planet of Choice.

Day 6 – Tiny Tim, something overlooked. I suppose if there are any “big names” on the list of books I have read that someone hasn’t read or even heard of, then this would constitute something overlooked. But as per my point on Day 2, different people need to read certain books at the right time for them, if they’ve overlooked something then it probably wasn’t the right book for them at that time.

Day 7 – A Muppet Christmas Carol, your favourite adaptation. I’m soon to read The City of the Sun by Tommaso Campanella, which is said to be inspired by Plato’s Republic (see my previous post).

Day 8 – A Christmas Carol; what, apart from the aforenamed book, gets you in the mood for Christmas? Something by Dickens I think, particularly where a wintery journey is taking place by horse-drawn carriage/post-chase.

Day 9 – Have a go yourself and then get others to join in. Spread the fun!


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