Badgers and Biros

This is in response to Sarada Gray’s post ‘I’m 100% Organic and Recycled‘ since my reply got somewhat lengthy, and I like the title I came up with!

I love badgers, ever since I used to watch Bodger and Badger (I can hardly believe that show ran for a whole decade). I think the first time I ever saw a badger in the wild was squished at the side of the road, two in close succession, during one of my cycling trips round north Wales some years ago. As for compost bins, I suspect its rats that go a rummaging through mine; there’s always a little scattering around in the area, mostly of egg shells, but no worse than that; I don’t mind. I tried to block the holes they’d dug once, but it made no difference so I let them be.

As for biros, I’ve previously tried to consider which is better, replacement ink cartridges for a cartridge pen, or throw-away biros (I didn’t know you could just get the internal bit, of one sort at least). I once bought a replacement nib for my cartridge pen from Smiths… it was only a few pence cheaper than replacing the whole pen… Biros (and the plethora of similar disposable pens) are a menace… there is such a huge variety available (generally packaged in plastic), especially chunky complicated ones, with rubber bits, and metal bits, and springs and clips, that essentially all do the same thing… until they run out and then they go in the bin… yet I never can seem to find one common sort that I really like. I would like a pen for life.

I once found a bic with a nib I liked, I used it until it ran out and then I tried to source a job lot of the same thing, only to find when they arrived that they were ever so slightly different and not as nice to write with. I’m still working my way through the last ones until I begin my hunt again.

Perhaps, like the Russian cosmonauts, I should choose the simpler, greener and a million dollars cheaper option for my choice of writing implement for my own personal stuff that doesn’t require a degree of permanence: a pencil.

I could compost the remaining stub and give the rats something to really chew on… or write with.

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