A Prime Month – Follow-up (part 2)

In this post I talk about:

  • Snowpiercer
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • John Wick
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • The Expanse (season 4)
  • The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum…

Remember how I spoke of the class system in In Time (in part 1 of this topic), and the various districts that one does not normally have the freedom to travel/progress upwards through those districts (nor want to descend into the lower levels of society)? Well, this concept was employed in Snowpiercier, yet the world exists on a train, with the runt of society at the back, and the upper classes towards the front, right up to the driver who controls everything. I had heard of Snowpiercer since my sister had watched the TV series, I however watched the film. It seemed quite nonsensical that a train could keep running around a frozen world, but we can look past that and just watch the spectacle as the lower caste make their move to take control of the train. Then what? What would you do if you were then in control of the world, especially if you had to kill everyone and destroy everything to get there?

In Mad Max: Fury Road, Max joins a band of merry men lower casts as they head off to find the green pastures once seen by one of them. Only to find there is no grass on the other side, so they head back. It’s a merry jaunt through the desert, kind of like a train through ice, but on a tanker in the desert, pursued by those in power (in control of the water and the population).

I was hoping to finally watch John Wick; I’d seen it listed and added it to my Wishlist, but by the time I got round to watching it (or perhaps that had been the case all along) it turned out to be someone I would have to pay separately for. I didn’t find this out until I had settled down to watch it and got myself jeed up with the trailer. Thanks Amazon. My delve into the world of John Wick will have to wait for another day.

In addition to Picard, I rekindled some of my teenagehood with the first few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I came to appreciate that much of my youth was dictated by things there, such as my love of books and libraries (I always liked it when the gang got together in the library with Giles to figure things out among masses of old books – I occasionally do something similar when a topic of interest grabs my attention and I route through my collection for all I can find on the topic), and all things mystical. I always thought Xander was cool, rocking up to school on his skateboard like the Marty McFly I wanted to be; why did he focus his attention on Buffy rather than Willow? The mind boggles.

I didn’t have enough time in my month free of Amazon Prime to watch all of Buffy, but then I don’t think I needed to; a few episodes in and I was content with leaving the rest in the past. I also needed to save time for The Expanse (season 4), one of my main reasons for making use of Amazon Prime.

Yet again we have the merry band, or bands, getting back together (or trying to) in various ways. To be honest I wasn’t all that thrilled with the series, and I didn’t start to feel this way until after I had ordered a copy of the accompanying book Abaddon’s Gate (I started to wonder if I’d even want to read it after having finished watching it on screen). A team crashland on an alien world after being immediately attacked by a swarm of things, while Bobby over on Mars digs herself into a hole and goes round in circles doing errands for blackmailers (you always know that’s not a smart thing to do). That all got quite repetitive with her succeeding in one mission only to then be talked into another more risky one. Over on Earth there were the usual political disagreements that were echoed back on the alien planet between the two factions there. It all got quite tiresome and depressing to see the human race go round in circles like that; petty squabbles escalated to a planet/solar-system (and beyond)-wide scale. I hope the future doesn’t really turn out like that, however, given how one can see the progression from our now to the time of The Expanse, it seem all too likely.

The alien planet keeps throwing random stuff at the people there, which even after having churned through the entire series, still doesn’t make sense; it’s more like those childish space battles where everything gets thrown at everyone in a series of spectacles just to keep the audience entertained, or in this case guessing, guessing what random shit was going to happen next. Why didn’t the swarm of metal bugs keep coming back? Maybe that’s explained in the book.

For my last helping of Prime Amazon I had saved The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum. This was especially useful (even though I had already seen them) because I had the next two in the series on DVD, The Bourne Legacy and Jason Bourne (which I hadn’t yet watched).

I do like the Bourne series; the concept of super soldiers developed by a clandestine government operation. The concept (if you haven’t seen any of these films) might seem farfetched but it’s implemented in the films in a believable fashion, although I don’t doubt that some of the stuff and possibilities are real; young men (typically) “choosing” to become soldiers and then trained in the art of combat and sent abroad to fight others who have been brainwashed to do the same. One side doing it for queen and country, the other for reasons of religion. It’s all the same, just different tactics. I had considered reading the Bourne books for which the films are based, but I have learned that while there are an initial three, other authors have chimed in and now there are in the region of fifteen; a daunting prospect which I’m not sure I want to dedicate my reading time to. The series had become repetitive though, especially when they switch to the other guy yet the shenanigans are pretty mush the same: vehicle chases, roof top chases, fist fights with other operatives… but I still have ‘Jason Bourne’ to watch.

Well, that’s that, my Prime Month has ended.

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