Creatures of the Night – Episode 1

When I had a week of rampant mole-happenings in my garden (literally 16 mole hills appeared in a small patch within the space of a week), I considered the use of a camera that could possibly capture the hills appearing.

Tasker Dunham has shown what he has spotted with his and I was able to get hold of the same sort of camera. Here is what mine recorded on the first night (once I’d got it set up right):

Not yet any moles; there are a couple of hills within the field of view that I hear being revisited some nights while I am in my tent nearby. Also up until a month or so ago I would hear a resident hedgehog doing its rounds, so there is hope of capturing that, or perhaps a rat.


  1. Nice editing. I simply split my clips and stuck them together. I find the IR light and images are not so good when you try to film larger scenes, but then the professionals spend hundreds of pounds on their cameras. Last few nights have seen that the hedgehogs are back in our garden.

  2. We had animals that made a mess of our compost. I thought they were foxes until my son set up a camera and saw that they were badgers

  3. I thought I had a mole in the back garden. But it turned out I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. 😉 (Sorry, couldn’t resist. And I still don’t know what animal made the hole.)

    • Toads make holes too, usually under something though I think. I have some pieces of carpet down outside and when I lift them I find toads hopping about and then disappearing down their various holes.

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