Providing entertainment…

As part of my Neocities website I recreated my webcam page that I had way back in my Windows 98 days, occasionally showing “exciting” goings on in the garden, such as me strimming, the resident blackbird doing her rounds, or as showed up yesterday, the local pheasant.

Also, after a couple of weeks of practice I threw together my efforts at playing a particular song on my guitar (and keyboard) and found that highly amusing to listen to, even if it might offend the ears of anyone else.

But it seems all my efforts at providing entertainment are in vain…

Yesterday I had to deliver a large and bulky item to a client, so I used the car (I’d normally visit them by bicycle). I pulled up into their driveway and then proceeded with the job. Whilst there, the bin men emptied their wheelie bin which had been stood nearby. All exciting stuff so far, right?

Then I came to leave. I proceeded to back the car carefully off the drive, then… thud.

I stopped.

It took me to a moment for my brain to process what the thud was. Had something just broken on the car? (It’s that kind of car, so it was genuinely my first thought). Nope. I’d backed straight into the wheelie bin, toppling it over into the street. Just a gentle nudge; it was empty so went over easily off the sloping driveway. No harm really.

I got out of the car, chuckling to myself, and put the bin back on the path and continued on my way (after glancing around to see if anyone had noticed).

The next morning I had an email from my client thanking me for the work I had done for them:

Hi Brian
Just wanted to say, thank you so much, for coming over & sorting out our computer. Really pleased with it all & as usual, you have done a fab job. Thank you.
The bin did survive!!! The neighbours were laughing away, apparently!!!

I’m glad to be of service! Providing entertainment for the street, many of the people I know; older retired people, quietly living at home during Lockdown. I doubt they’ve seen any live performances for a while! I’m imagining they heard the sound of the car since it’s not the quietest, and perhaps looking out of their window just in time to witness the collision and hear the thud as the empty bin was toppled over… then me, getting out with a look of puzzlement followed by amusement, doing the obligatory glance around to see if anyone saw; I thought at least my client would have rushed to the window, but I didn’t see them.

Reliving the episode from the perspective of the rest of the street, it reminds me of Mr Bean:

P.S. That clip after; I actually parked like that once when I had an Austin Metro.

P.S.S. A nickname I had at high school was Mr Bean.

P.S.S.S. I wonder what act I can prepare for Self Isolators for next week’s entertainment… although, it seems I need not make the effort.


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