My Anosmia Update

Due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 causing some people affected a loss of sense of smell (aka anosmia), I thought I would present here an update of my anosmia experiences.


I am not a medical expert and I have not sought the direct advice of one; I prefer to try and figure things out on my own, treading carefully as I do. My findings presented here are such figurings out.


It has been a number of years since I discovered a lack of sense of smell. It’s not a total lack, but certain things I know I cannot smell, like sweet flowers. I suspect now that it was either brought about from when I started to suffer from hayfever (along with asthma) in my childhood, or due to the nasal spray I used to combat that.

More recently…

I learned of ‘Nasal Polyps’ and how people with that can also lack a sense of smell but that some use the very same nasal spray to medicate this. Perhaps I too had Nasal Polyps; at the time of considering this my nose was restricted, something I noticed particularly when I lay down in bed at night. This is not a restriction as in the form of anything I can blow out, but as is my nose is pinched closed; not knowing how better to describe this I refer to it as ‘congestion’.


With the present Coronavirus floating around I have learned more. Particularly how Zinc (in conjunction with hydroxychloroquine) has been used with some patients being treated with Covid-19 (I suspect this was the magical cure President Trump pushed to Boris Johnson to aid his recovery).

It just so happened that around the start of the outbreak in the UK I had ordered myself a batch of zinc tablets after watching a Youtube Video about zinc deficiency and the sense of smell that can result.

The advice was:

  • Place a zinc tablet on your tongue; if you taste something metallic then you’re ok (and don’t need the tablet), otherwise you are likely zinc-deficient (and then swallow the tablet).

I tried this test and tasted nothing, but then I wondered if the supplements I received were the real deal; who is to know?

Anyway, I have been taking one tablet per day for around a month, and while I have not been meticulously testing and recording my progress, and cannot be certain the tablets I have been taking have been having any effect, I have certainly had reduced ‘congestion’ in my nose (see above for what I mean by that). At some points when I’m outside and fresh air enters my nose it feels peculiarly fresh, similar to the sensation of eating a strong mint.

I still continue to take the supplement and test myself each time with the tablet on my tongue, but still nothing metallic is noticed.

It is my understanding that flues and coronaviruses (amongst a myriad of other things) can cause inflammation. In order to combat this the body will use more zinc than normal. Ideally sufficient zinc is obtainable from our diets, but either our food lacks it or some of us lack the ability to extract enough of it. This is where supplementing can help. You probably don’t need to think about supplementing with zinc unless you have some symptoms you want to try and address.

I believe supplements should be used with caution and only on a short-term basis, perhaps easing off to test for symptoms. I also believe supplements can cause an imbalance due to them not being the ‘complete package’ as they would be when found in natural foods (I learned this from my research into Vitamin C).

I hope this information is helpful to others. Please share your experiences below in the Comments box.


7 Signs of Zinc Deficiency:

Zinc and the Immune System:

[EDIT] I should have added, a loss of smell can be caused by various reasons. For some the loss is temporary, for others it may be permanent. In my case is seems not to be permanent but is perpetuated. I did experience a temporary but sudden ‘recovery’ when I fasted one weekend. This confirmed to me my sense of smell was likely being hindered, perhaps by something in my diet, and with this more recent understanding it seems more specifically that something or things are causing an inflammation, such as diet and/or environment.

You can read more here:

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