Starlink, “The non-Corona topic”?

The topic of Elon Musk’s Starlink satelites was on the Jeremy Vine radio show today, and Vine termed it to be a non-Coronavirus topic (since that’s mostly all that’s talked about these days). But is that true?

When the topic of supposed links between Covid-19 and 5G started to fall on my ears, I struggled to see any relationship between. But I listened to that 2hr+ long interview on London Real with David Icke and could at least appreciate one thing: If 5G is harmful to health, as I believe any electromagnetic radiation can be, in varying degrees, from natural, to artificial, mobile phones, and Wi-Fi, then such things can potentially leave us and our immune systems weakened, and thus less well equipped to do battle with things like Coronavirus, even if they don’t directly cause them.

Others claim that such radiation can cause cancer. Other’s will dispute/deny it.

Where does Starlink come into this?

Well, it seems virtually un-mentioned but Musk’s thousands of small satellites will be beaming signals to and from earth to provide internet access. While it appears it doesn’t technically use “5G” as that’s likely a “different” technology, a quick Google search and a trip to Wikipedia reveals that both 5G and Musk’s Starlink produce signals at a similar frequency.

“Equipment: Ku and Ka band phased array antennas” – Wikipedia, Starlink

“The Ka band … is a portion of the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum defined as frequencies in the range 26.5–40 gigahertz (GHz) … The 5th generation mobile networks will also partially overlap with Ka band (28, 38, and 60 GHz).” – Wikipedia, Ka band

I wondered if, while activists were taking matters into their own hands and vandalising “5G Masts” as the supposed cause of Coronavirus, they were looking in the wrong direction; what if Starlink was to blame? What if the spread of “virus infection” was actually the result of a wave of satelites showing down waves of radiation on populations below, perhaps during a hiccup or some sort of “system’s test” that produced un-foreseen and unrealised effects on humans below?

It certainly sounds like a good conspiracy theory, or a topic for a sci-fi story.

These ideas of mine don’t come solely out of thin air though.

I often ponder the purpose of standing stones, the ancient pyramids and megalithic sites dotted around the world, and placed on leylines, and have considered them to either be an ancient technology that once properly harnessed the earth’s electromagnetic energy either for something good (like energy, or even telepathic signals), or something bad akin to controlling the people of the world; similar to how our global internet connection does today both through the transmission of news and entertainment, but maybe also through a means not all that dissimilar to those hypothetical prehistoric ways.

Anyway, if you want to see for yourself some of those pesky Starlink satellites that are already overhead, some more have been recently launched and apparently will be visible in the night sky (at least here in the UK), if you look to the south around 9:45pm. I caught a glimpse of the previous lot back in October (but wasn’t quick enough to grab a camera).

Apparently Musk has permission (by whatever body in the USA he is required to put his plans to; even though this affects everyone around the world) to launch up to 42 thousand of these things, using this internet connection service as a means of raising the $10 Trillion for his Luna/Mars base. There is a petition underway to put a stop to this littering of space and cluttering of our night sky, as at the very least they’re already annoying astronomers and gazers of the night sky and he’s barely launched a fraction of the total intended).


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