Starlink, “The non-Corona topic”?

The topic of Elon Musk’s Starlink satelites was on the Jeremy Vine radio show today, and Vine termed it to be a non-Coronavirus topic (since that’s mostly all that’s talked about these days). But is that true?

When the topic of supposed links between Covid-19 and 5G started to fall on my ears, I struggled to see any relationship between. But I listened to that 2hr+ long interview on London Real with David Icke and could at least appreciate one thing: If 5G is harmful to health, as I believe any electromagnetic radiation can be, in varying degrees, from natural, to artificial, mobile phones, and Wi-Fi, then such things can potentially leave us and our immune systems weakened, and thus less well equipped to do battle with things like Coronavirus, even if they don’t directly cause them.

Others claim that such radiation can cause cancer. Other’s will dispute/deny it.

Where does Starlink come into this?

Well, it seems virtually un-mentioned but Musk’s thousands of small satellites will be beaming signals to and from earth to provide internet access. While it appears it doesn’t technically use “5G” as that’s likely a “different” technology, a quick Google search and a trip to Wikipedia reveals that both 5G and Musk’s Starlink produce signals at a similar frequency.

“Equipment: Ku and Ka band phased array antennas” – Wikipedia, Starlink

“The Ka band … is a portion of the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum defined as frequencies in the range 26.5–40 gigahertz (GHz) … The 5th generation mobile networks will also partially overlap with Ka band (28, 38, and 60 GHz).” – Wikipedia, Ka band

I wondered if, while activists were taking matters into their own hands and vandalising “5G Masts” as the supposed cause of Coronavirus, they were looking in the wrong direction; what if Starlink was to blame? What if the spread of “virus infection” was actually the result of a wave of satelites showing down waves of radiation on populations below, perhaps during a hiccup or some sort of “system’s test” that produced un-foreseen and unrealised effects on humans below?

It certainly sounds like a good conspiracy theory, or a topic for a sci-fi story.

These ideas of mine don’t come solely out of thin air though.

I often ponder the purpose of standing stones, the ancient pyramids and megalithic sites dotted around the world, and placed on leylines, and have considered them to either be an ancient technology that once properly harnessed the earth’s electromagnetic energy either for something good (like energy, or even telepathic signals), or something bad akin to controlling the people of the world; similar to how our global internet connection does today both through the transmission of news and entertainment, but maybe also through a means not all that dissimilar to those hypothetical prehistoric ways.

Anyway, if you want to see for yourself some of those pesky Starlink satellites that are already overhead, some more have been recently launched and apparently will be visible in the night sky (at least here in the UK), if you look to the south around 9:45pm. I caught a glimpse of the previous lot back in October (but wasn’t quick enough to grab a camera).

Apparently Musk has permission (by whatever body in the USA he is required to put his plans to; even though this affects everyone around the world) to launch up to 42 thousand of these things, using this internet connection service as a means of raising the $10 Trillion for his Luna/Mars base. There is a petition underway to put a stop to this littering of space and cluttering of our night sky, as at the very least they’re already annoying astronomers and gazers of the night sky and he’s barely launched a fraction of the total intended).


  1. Hey Brian, have you come across anyone who can hear tones appearing like ultrasonic sound ? Many reports of tinnitus across the globe as i believe these tones are external. I am a sound engineer & hear 50hz low hum right now during September. The loudest FFT recording i captured was back in April 2020 (when the death rate was at its peak) it dropped in July.. now once again its loud & even more intense than April.
    i also have a neurological condition & myself & my wife are struggling with electric prickly tingles & shakes. I have numbness in my legs since March 2010 (strangely exactly 10 years later ) a 2nd major flare up of inflammation. It is my belief that some kind of RIFE effect might be administered from these satellites. i hear it screaming very high frequencies with a low (carrier wave) type hum. I can send you my proof if you like? my measurement mic picks it up where ever i go. it shows a pattern on spikes from 50hz then below the noise floor at 50hx increments all the way across the spectrum. the low 50hz poke just above the noise floor in extremely quiet areas (like in the woods at 4am) yes I’ve tested everywhere.. Without immune suppressant drugs i would definitely not be here right now ! its more intense now than it was in April so i anticipate an even larger number of death rate Sept Oct.

    • Hi Larry,
      Thank you for sharing this. I have not known about any of these things as such beyond the general topic of elctro-sensitivity; personally I can often hear a faint noise in the night when I relax in bed, perhaps as you describe. It’s as if I’ve left something plugged in somewhere like a phone charger – it’s quite unnerving to just know it’s there and I end up gound round my house checking things are turned off, and I have even turned my home’s main breaker off to be sure, only to still hear the noise once I’m back in bed relaxed. I try cupping my ears to try and help me pinpoint the direction the sound is coming from!
      Like you I am certain the sounds are external, and with all of the man-made radio frequencies and the like being bounced around, from home wifi to satellites in orbit I’m not surprised. I’m sorry to hear you have to rely on immune suppressants.
      Feel free to visit my Contact page if you would like to share more.
      Regards, Brian.

  2. Hey Brian, thats exactly the sound many or us are experiencing. The sound is kind of like a low mosquito constantly there although i notice it phase in and out on windy days. I went through the same process you did with breakers but when i camped out one night it was still there. I now also hear the very high tinnitus like frequencies too.. it directly affects the nervous system and i believe it is in fact weaponised satellites as mentioned in the X22report these are called “Directed Energy weapons” The external tones are measurable i can send you the FFT display file if you want to see April 2020? The issue is that not everyone hears the tone, and as a sound engineer i think its because its generally below the noise floor of hearing that most people are unconscious of it. its extremely loud for me because I’ve spent my life listening in great details across the spectrum. Its more resonance than sound, if you’ve ever had ultra sound treatment on any injuries its exactly like that, you experience the perception of sound because its resonating through the bones. The linguistic terminology being used also perks my attention, like “second wave” (instead of outbreak) “the invisible enemy” The COVID-19 pandemic is “set to run” into autumn/winter and continue to “impact” the way we live. Now i believe that this directed energy is controllable and NOT necessary to be this intense to have world internet coverage, because July & August the tones dropped right down to bearable. There are plenty of forums out there of many people in much worse discomfort than i am in & you really empathise when hearing their experiences. There is another factor to this i believe is connected & that is in 2010 doctors had no clue after months of testing, what caused my paralysis. So for the last decade my research has been immunity & my spinal inflammatory condition. Ive spent thousands seeing medical professionals around the world & no one can pin point the issue. Doctors said it was a “one off” . the closest logic was from testing metal deposits in the body, specifically (aluminium & Bariium) which are very difficult to chelate especially once they penetrate the blood brain barrier. My research in that led me to something called “Chemtrails” in which aeroplanes have apparently been dumping from fuel deposits on us for some time. The by product of this nano dust is Alluminum & Barium.. (maybe coincidence but interesting none the less). One of my treatment ventures also involved me purchasing a RIFE machine to heal.. Raymond RIFE was a Tesla type character in the 1800s who invented a frequency generator device to kill cancer. Turns out it worked on all kinds of pathogens once the resonant frequency of that specific cell was discovered. It works similar to how an opera singer can break a glass with the voice by hitting the exact resonant frequency of the glass. Every cell and organ has its own resonant frequency & can be targeted in great detail. These RIFE programs i ran for years (bought for £4k from true actually cured all kinds of issues but because i never knew the problem i couldn’t run the exact frequency, therefore i was trying hundreds of pathogen & viral frequencies & eliminating those. My point is that Alluminium & Barium metal deposits also have their own resonant frequencies & this radiation (directed energy) could well be the cause of “lighting up” metal deposits in the body, the first location being ingested into the lungs. The ones who have these toxins in deep tissue experience a cytokine storm & then you have the rise in neurological (auto immune) diseases like MS, Lupus, Alzheimers, traverse myelitis etc.. where the body attacks its own healthy tissue to get to the antigen invader. “The invisible enemy” . Maybe the current rise in reported neurological issues around the world is also no coincidence? All those diseases are basically the same single problem, the label however is dependant on the location of the issue so it SEEMS like there are more medical issues. I believe these “labels” are created for big Pharma to make money from more new drugs. Now if these metal deposits are lighting up in the lungs the sensation would be glass like sharp pains and rapid inflammation causing limited breathing, exactly like the current pandemic. As i also have a very sophisticated understanding of the immune system due to my own condition, i had no idea just how many people don’t understand how immunity works so the propaganda of information out there is worrying.
    I only hope that others who get into trouble may read this & realise that something as simple as Ibuprofen (immune suppressant) (the very drug ,by the way, that WHO told us would make Covid worse, with zero evidence) can actually save your life as some of our NHS doctors also realised, should you have breathing difficulties.

    • Hi Larry,
      Thanks for the link to the X22report. “Directed Energy weapons” have indeed been in development for decades, likely since the early days of satellites being deployed (but far earlier on the ground; as an aside to the Biblical reference in my recent post, the Ark of Covenant would seem to have been an energy weapon).
      The accusation that the “Chinese and Russians are developing this technology” with satellites is a claim that is seemingly made to detract from the very accusers and their own development of such technology; similar diversion/blame tactics abound with regards to countries hacking the computer systems of other countries, to name just one other.
      With regards to the current “pandemic”, the phrase “second wave” is indeed an interesting choice of words and fits perfectly this topic.
      I too have delved somewhat into Chemtrails, and also, with regards to the presense of aluminium, vaccines which contain the element. It’s as if we’re being tageted from multiple fronts; not understanding how our immunise system works to protect us is an major issue for the masses right now.
      I will look more into Raymond Rife; he certainly seems like an interesting character.
      Thanks again,

      • Hey Brian, thought provoking content, thanks for your insights.. What sources do you have on the Ark of the covenant being an “energy weapon” ? Another random thought is that this 50hz hum i can hear & can measure with a microphone, is now constant again & as strong as it was in April. Interesting to note that Hitler used to use a 50Hz tone before he went on to speak, in order to make the make feel discomfort then when he appeared the tone would stop, leaving people feeling euphoric!
        The other point you touched upon with Trump, has also been something thats been troubling me for some time now.. I am actually pro Trump, but am fearful as a KJV bible Christian, that this could well be the “perfect storm”.
        What if the global institutions of the world & the NWO agenda were always meant to be brought down by the conspiracy researchers who have been trying to expose them for decades? what if these current events of lawlessnes on the streets does in fact become the chaos in which almost everyone would give up ALL their rights in order consent to one person cleaning it all up. Still order out of chaos just not in the way that we expected?
        “Many will be deceived” given “strong delusion” Will Trump actually be the one to sign a 7 year covenant with the nations & unite with the false prophet (Vatican) with the prospect of being the “saviour” of the world with a different global currency & a different vaccine (quantum dot) ID ? I say all this with a bunch like a plot to a movie, but you have to admit that this mass media circus division right now seems a little too obvious. Divide & conquer has always bee the strategy but its actually quite genius to think that the masses will follow one person in the belief they are fighting against evil, simply because no one wants to believe they are on the side of evil & wickedness..

        Matthew 7:13 ¶ Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

      • Id just like to add a little experiment should anyone want to test this external conductive energy?
        Since we are now in mid September & the intensity of the audio waves i have measured are increasing in pressure again, tear a large piece of Aluminium foil off & fold it in half, then put it next to your bed or somewhere in the room as you sleep. The first thing i noticed the next day was a metallic like burning smell in the room.. on another occasion i could hear the foil crackling.. Quiet rooms are best ..

      • Very interesting according to the inventor of PCR CARY MULLIS , 60 cycles or more gives 100% positives in 100% patients ! The test is corrupted. open to select who’s positive & who’s not. Very Dangerous. I had 3 tests same 2 neg 1 pos. BS

        Best Regards..



      • Indeed. I’ve been sceptical of the tests from the start, especially since they can potentially dictate so much of someone’s life.

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