Earth Day 2020 #EarthDay2020

With the topic of “Coronavirus” marring everything this year, “Earth Day” might be one of those things to just pass by, and even if we do consider what the event is about it might seem that environmental issues are of little consequence right now, what with the economic downturn induced by said virus.

That economic downturn might be doing our Earth a favour right now, with reports of various animals creeping into what would normally be noisy and traffic laden urban areas. Some inspiring pictures may paint that picture, others have been disputed; either being an old picture or one shown out of context.

Some might think this is a time to put our feet up, especially where the environment is concerned; the Earth is getting a break, is it not? It can recover now can’t it? Others are still calling for action, demanding that we don’t lose sight of green progress, and beyond this even pointing out that for all the excuses for not making an effort due to the “economic cost”, those same governments promptly made changes when it came to Coronavirus.

It’s not through lack of money that the environment and people are forced to go on living a life of subsistence. There is a pack of billionaires out there living in luxury while there is a world out there, out of sight and out of mind to them, suffering, and scraping on by, day after day. Some show themselves to be doing something good with “their wealth“, while others either push an agenda or just keep out of sight.

Many of us at this time are living quieter and more simpler lives right now, there’s no need for vast sums of wealth, with no work to go to, no school to take the kids to, trips and shopping for only the essentials and a dose of permitted exercise in between; what more of a material existence does one need?

Look how simple life can be.

The title of “essential worker” reveals to me just how many unessential, and dare I say it, pointless jobs, services and products are out there. Aircraft are grounded, holidays cancelled. New car sales are drastically declined, clothes shops are closed, and in many areas only the supermarkets remain open for what are deemed to be essentials. All else was there just to sustain and boost an economy, one that was never sustainable; you can’t keep plundering a planet when resources and the amount of pollution and harm it can sustain is finite.

I think this year’s Earth Day should be a reflection on all of this and a rejection of excuses.

Look at how things have changed within the space of a month or two.

Where do we go from here?

Back to how things were, or on to something better, and greener?


  1. > The title of “essential worker” reveals to me just how many unessential, and dare I say it, pointless jobs, services and products are out there.

    Excellent point. How false and empty most of our lives really are. Are 3/4’s of humanity “non-essential”?

    • As far as the economy is concerned, many of us are doing jobs that just maintain the system. How many hours people work each week in order to pay for the car they drive to work in…

  2. I agree. I was amazed by news articles of how much the earth was actually healing in many places due to the lack of human activity. A wake-up call if there every was one.

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