I wonder if this place will get it next…

News that three astronauts have set off for the International Space Station after a lengthy quarantine make me wonder…

Will they still get it!?

And if they do, and the Space Station becomes the latest place of infection, what does that say about the rest of us and our ability to truly self-isolate?



  1. It seems odd that they would send people to the space station right. Why not wait a few weeks like they keep telling us?… just a few weeks or months… maybe they’re doing experiments.

    • My assumption was that it’s for something more important than experiments, perhaps it’s to relieve crew that are already up there and/or to bring supplies also, but the article I read only mentions experiments.

  2. We live with hundreds of varieties of viruses; every flu you’ve every had has left antigens in your system. COVID will, must become part of our genetic heritage. Eventually, the balance of humanity will contract this or some variant of the disease.

    It’s thought that much of our “strange baggage” genetic code came from viruses. May COVID will give the survivors superpowers.

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