My “Coronavirus” Facepalm…

…at least one of them.

Boris got shipped out of office and into hospital and straight away this other guy is on the scene and looking to blame China for “all of this”?

I face-palmed.

I like Boris. I immediately didn’t like this other guy when I saw that news.

I couldn’t have imagined Boris taking this line, and then the sceptic in me started to wonder if that was why Boris got taken out of the picture; “they” needed someone else to do this dirty work. Trump tells everyone how much he likes Boris, but perhaps this is a smokescreen.

Then the sceptic in me got further carried away and started to think about how the doctor in China who first blew the whistle on all of this and was taken out of the picture (in the worst possible way). Conspiracy theorists have had a field day with this one.

Just a few days prior to this latest development and the UK had sought and gained some assistance from China in the form of breathing equipment. At the time I thought that was a very nice gesture (or nicely obliging at least) and I had a warm feeling inside from the sense of us all “pulling together”. Now this happens and it’s like someone said to China, “Look, you did this, it’s your fault, provide us with these things and it will help your case…”

The claims about China skewing the figures early on is old news (or so I thought) and at the time I wondered why, if any country doesn’t trust China, would they believe anything that comes out of there? “Get your own figures and concentrate on your own cases, evidence and findings within your own borders” was my thought. Were they skewing the figures to not reveal how much their own economy was likely to suffer, or to play down the situation so other countries wouldn’t react as strongly, thus giving themselves the advantage economically?

There was also something about China not releasing the data about the virus, the RNA sequence or something, and I wondered then why “they” needed China to provide it if people here and around the world had become infected with the virus… surely you can get your own copy? Do your own research. What was so important about the data coming directly from China… unless the virus was something manufactured and accidentally released and China was the one with the schematics.

Then things started to make more sense about how the USA and UK governments were quickly throwing money at the problem (and even able to do this), money that appeared to be magic’d out of thin air when there was no such money in the years running up to this situation when our NHS (and other public services) were crying for being underfunded. David Icke often explains how money like this is just numbers in a computer system; you ask for a bank loan and they just type it into your account. My concern was how things would need to be balanced out at a later date. If “free money” is being handed out now then it only leads to a devaluation, surely; it is no different to just printing money. A worry was, and is, that we will all have to pay this money back at a later date, perhaps through the raising of VAT here in the UK, just how our VAT was raised from 17.5% to 20% back in 20%, I believe, to fund those wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. This rate was never returned to its previous amount as I suspected it wouldn’t be. But what if this money was thrown at this current crisis because the idea was there all along to seek/fight for compensation from China somewhere down the line.

“You made the problem, China, so you can pay for it.”

But what if they never did make the problem? What if some other country, the USA or Russia perhaps, manufactured this whole thing from the start, planted a virus/infection in Wuhan, China, in order to create (an excuse for) a war between the West and China. Perhaps they were just trying to see what a virus like this would do out in the environment, or perhaps the intent was to cripple China alone and it got out of hand, similar to how that radioactive isotope infected that KGB agent in London, back in 2006, and traces were found in other locations.

Now that “they” blame China for the Covid-19 outbreak, they seek to get us angry at China and demand justice. “Justice” that either means punishment, or if that punishment isn’t obtained satisfactorily, then what? Just when I thought we were all in this together and have the perfect opportunity to all pull together, just as many of us in our local communities are. This love of pulling together is something amazing and I don’t want this and the possibility of a more loving world to be thrown away.

I know there is a lot of conspiracy in this post, but sometimes these ideas make more sense to me than the official narrative.

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