Books from TV and Film

When dipping into the Sliders DVD boxset, purchased on a whim whilst reading Stephen Baxter’s The Time Ships, I immediately recognised the book Quin was holding during the opening scene that has echoes of Back to the Future.

Hyperspace by Michio Kaku is a book I owned and read back in 2005. It is also a book I regrettably sold but have since acquired another copy. It now sits on my “To Read Again” pile. I’m not sure why I came to buy it originally, maybe it was because I had seen it in Sliders way back then, or it had been referred to in a previous book I had read.

This made me think of other books I have seen on TV or in films and subsequently acquired and read.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne featured as a prop in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. If I recall correctly it was on Penny’s coffee table. I don’t think I actively sought out a copy of it, but instead I spotted it in the library (in 2008); I may have been somewhat familiar with its topic prior to that. Here is what I wrote following reading it:

The Secret, is basically a positive thinking/self-help book but written with the belief that there is some big universal secret that only a few people have known about, bringing them wealth and happiness. Aka, the law of attraction. Not that that’s a bad thing as some of the ideas, when put into practice, can work well. The negative side is that, having read the book, you could be lead to believe that sitting on your backside all day long, thinking positive thoughts about wealth, will lead to you being wealthy. One section I found particularly annoying, as that portrayed the idea of how there is plenty of everything and we are entitled to it all. I found this somewhat irresponsible since with this belief one could be lead to become wasteful, using more than they need, wasting energy, creating more landfill waste and burning more fossil fuels – there isn’t an endless supply of oil in the earth.

Science and the Akashic Field by Ervin Laszlo (read in 2013) featured in the pilot episode of A Town Called Eureka and it was explained in the DVD commentary that some of the concepts in that book were employed in the series.

Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard is a book that ‘Neo’ has in The Matrix movie, he uses it to store his mini-discs in. Even though I had seen that film, and spotted the book there in 1999, it wasn’t until last year that I finally sourced a digital copy of the book, physical ones being much sought after and quite pricey. Again, this is a book (actually one of three) that the film creators used as the basis for their ideas and apparently they requested that the main actors read these books so they better understand the film they are creating. I found the book to be quite a challenge to read and therefore it will likely be one I read again when in the mood/right frame of mind to do so.

Feel free to share below any books you have spotted on screen and subsequently read.


  1. That one sounds interesting from the Matrix. I’ve never read books from movies before but that’s a good idea!! And I love Sliders.. that’s a great show!

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