DaVinci Resolve: Missing Fade ‘Handles’

I noticed that quite often when adding a new clip onto a Timeline in DaVinci Resolve video editing software that the ‘handles’ or ‘knobs’ for fading clips in and out would no longer appear (normally they show when moving the mouse to the corner of a clip).

The only way I could get them back would be to close Resolve and reopen; a sluggish process since you have to wait for everything to load again: splash screen to do its thing and the list of projects to appear etc.

Since this would… resolve… the issue for the time being I consider this to be a glitch, but I have found another way to get the handles back, with greater ease:

  • Go to Timeline View Options from the top left of the Timeline.
  • There are three Video View Options: Film, Thumb, Plain.
  • Choose either Film or Thumb.

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