2020, February Focussings

Looking at that title it seems there are too many Fs… Thou shalt not cuss on one’s blog…

Anyway, February is here [already] and after a quiet week last week (besides work) I’m now looking ahead to this month.

Looking back… Fixings and Listings…

I’ve got my car silliness out of the way now; its tyre replaced and I even realised how rain has been getting in making the whole thing rather damp inside… it has an aerial on the roof. I laughed when I looked at it and realised. The rubber base had degraded, so I’ve added some glue.

That repaired I also repaired and tried to repair some other things; namely broken USB sockets on things. Disassembling my action camera was fun project, but I couldn’t address the faulty USB socket; that thing was far too fiddly. I managed to snag one of the microphone wires and that was delicate-enough to re-solder. I did manage to re-attach the charging USB socket in my battery pack though, again, very fiddly work and not all that well implemented… I’m not even sure it’ll go back in its case. I really should put that back together… Finish one project before starting another.

I listed the action camera on ebay, the description being clear about the faulty USB socket. I’ve also listed a bunch of other things on ebay recently; trying to keep on top of stuff I need to get rid of.

Looking forward… Books…

I have a few books on my reading pile this month.

  • The usual segment of The Children’s Encylopedia is well under-way
  • On my Ebook reader: David Icke’s The Biggest Secret
  • From the bottom of my reading pile: The Only Planet of Choice
  • From the top of the reading pile: The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth

The Model Railway…

I got the backscenes fillered and painted on my model railway. Now I’m moving on to “Area 2.3” which links Area 1 and District 4, or will link them, with four lengths of track. It’s a complicated thing though because there is an elevation difference since District 4 will be up on a shelf and the tracks can’t simply run through the region in a simple and non-interesting straight-through manner; there will need to be a number of loops and somewhere to load and/or offload goods of an un-yet decided description.

Health and Fitness…

After a busy month in December of jogging and cycling, to make up miles, I ended up having a quiet January. Now I want to make up for it this month; the weather is improving which is helpful.

The diet also changes somewhat as I’ve gone from eating a lot of meat to a lot of nuts.

I’ve also been trying to limit the hours I spend sat at my computer, and to do this I’ve been using a plug-socket timer (the one I replaced a component in). It’s surprisingly difficult to switch off from staring at a screen or seeking to be busy.


  1. I might have said before that hours evaporate after logging on to the computer, so I try not to do it first thing in a morning to get other things done. That being said there just aren’t enough hours to do everything I want – and I’m retired! I’ve tried making lists and timetables, but they don’t work – there’s nothing so disheartening at looking at a timetable and realising it’s bathroom cleaning morning so I decide to just look at email / at blogger / at the news and bathroom cleaning doesn’t get done and I feel I’m not keeping up with things. It even applies to pleasanter pastimes – it’s guitar practice time – oh I’ll just have another go on Bouncing Balls to see if I can get a higher score. Maybe you are more disciplined than I am.

  2. I wondered how you were doing with the model railway. Just watched the video!
    I had to unclog the bathroom sink for the millionth time which meant taking the pipes apart. I surprised myself with success; no leaks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then I fixed the kitchen light.

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