2020 Week 5 – End of January Focussings

After another busy week of much work and minor mishaps…

  • Car tyre had a slow puncture… paid to get it repaired then a few days later whilst backing up for an oncoming vehicle on a narrow country lane (we have many of those here ) promptly clobbered a rock and scrapped the same tyre.
  • After I had that issue with my Action Camera’s USB socket, and then using my replacement, and then the SD Card failing and finally receiving a replacement (for which another is on its way as compensation for that delay) the recharging socket on my trusty* ToHLo battery pack decided to move itself further inside the device beyond reach… so I need to attempt to carefully prise my way into the pack to fix that socket (I couldn’t fix the one on the Action Camera).

*it had been very trusty as I have been using it for over a year and it still seems to hold good charge.

  1. I’ve decided I need a “noise-free” week; not just external “noise” but within my head, such as work stuff spinning round and being juggled, and generally not being able to “switch off” or do one thing as a time (as Anonymole suggested recently and I had been trying). I had a couple of brain-freeze moments this week where, 1. I couldn’t remember what I had done the previous day, and 2. struggled to remember where a laptop had come from that was sitting on my bedroom floor. They individually felt like weird moments and together have given me cause to wake up to them.
  2. I’m going to do some form of meditation, or general sitting quietly and calming my thoughts – Sarada suggested this to me recently and since then I watched a Youtube video on someone else’s experiences, which included the issues of “noise”, so I’m feeling encouraged.
  3. I’m going to have a week off from blogging; I’m also going to turn my thoughts away from such things as “I could blog about that…” (I might form a short list of things to reflect on after the event though).
  4. I’ve also been pondering the whole Veganuary thing, and rather than have a whole meat-free month, I’ve been shopping in the car today (prior to clobbering the tyre) and loaded up on mostly “green stuff” (all of which was burying the spare wheel). I don’t intend to be ‘vegan’ because I like the freedom of not pigeon-holing myself (and various other reasons)… which in itself doesn’t sound like a very veganish thing to do.
  5. When shopping I was also mindful of packaging; especially since it is apparently Zero Waste Week next week, so I made an extra  effort to buy stuff lose or with minimal packaging.
  6. I’m going to finish reading The World of Eclos by ‘Rex Gordon’; the second book I’m reading as part of Vintage Science Fiction Month.

See you in February!

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