2020 Week 3 focussings

For Week 1 of 2020 I set myself the main challenge of not watching stuff on Youtube, although I realised this wasn’t a long term “solution” to a perceived bad habit/routine/addiction since there were things I actually wanted to watch; I had added instead added videos to my Watch Later list, a process I really think can help to avoid binge-watching.

That following weekend I worked my way through some of those things I had chosen and intended to return my focus to other things during Week 2. However, my List wasn’t done with and before I knew it I was well into Week 2 before I actually realised I was still watching stuff on Youtube! It’s not like I was doing this all the time, thankfully not; I had a busy work week, but I knew I’d turned to Youtube as a means of winding down and relaxing after I felt was a busy day.

The problem with this I outlined in my previous post; namely that I wasn’t relaxing, not my mind at least, because I find that I choose to watch (or read) things that I can “make something of”.

My Week 3 Focus is therefore going to be largely about returning to my Week 1 efforts.

One thing I have considered, and attempted with little success in the past, and has been suggested to me regarding that previous post, is focusing on one thing at a time; it’s like I always have too much on the go, or my To Do lists give me that impression. I need to work on doing/focusing on/thinking about one thing at a time, and ‘finishing’ one thing before starting another, or as I term it “putting my toys away” something I recall from childhood when my mum would request I put my current toys away before getting others out. Any projects, whether it be a blog post, video to edit, actual work, or concocting something in the kitchen, are akin to the toys of my childhood. This is a lesson I’m still working on but with conscious effort!

The problem with focusing on only one or two things each day is that a number of things I do require regular (and ideally daily) effort, such as yoga and musical-instrument-playing, otherwise they don’t before routine or progress is slower. I also prefer to do a bit of each thing on each day so that progress is steady and manageable; take cycling or running x-number-of miles in a month, like I did in December; it is more manageable (or actually achievable) to do some miles each day rather than going out once a week to do a bulk-load of miles.

I think I just need to better focus on each thing in turn and avoid getting more toys out.

What I have managed to further contribute to my January efforts as a whole so far:

  • I’ve cleared more bottles and cans from the roadsides (up to 20 now, not that I’m counting…)

I’m getting back on track with my yoga and my sister and I are working on a little fitness challenge to improve the flexibility of our legs. It’s hard to explain, so I wont really bother, but it’s a little something extra to focus on this week as it involves ensuring we each practice three times a day for a minute on each leg, and then we’ll see how we each progressed when we meet again in a week’s time. We both realise the motivational benefit of doing this joint-challenge/exercise.

Last week I mentioned I had a list/pile of things to fix and list on ebay and I made some progress with this:

  • I replaced a component in an electrical device (I thought it was faulty and in the end it worked but I wasn’t convinced, then, that it had been faulty after all, or if I’d just not been selecting the right ‘mode’!)

  • I repaired some faulty sockets on an amplifier – this was a satisfyingly simple fix and now the appliance is listed on ebay since I don’t actually need it.

  • I solved an issue with a problematic power button on a computer.

I was going to make a video out of these things but I don’t think I’ll bother now; too many toys out!

I did, however, read, record, and uploaded some more episodes of ‘Brian reads…‘ and am looking forward to persisting with this each week.

One comment

  1. Focussing on one thing is increasingly hard in our distracted age. But I don’t think anyone could accuse you of ‘not getting much done’. Maybe it’s the quality of concentration that’s lacking? I find meditation/visualisation very helpful

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