Quadrantids Meteor Shower 2020

You might be in with a chance of seeing the Quadrantids meteor shower tonight (3rd-4th January) if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere; I had a brief look outside early this morning with the clear skies but saw nothing to report. The skies are currently clear for me now the sun has set so I intend to have further peepings. Apparently during the early hours of the morning before dawn is the best opportunity, but here there may be cloud before then.


“The shower owes its name to the now-defunct constellation Quadrans Muralis. The constellation was left off a list of constellations drawn out by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 1922, but because the shower had already been named after Quadrans Muralis, its name was not changed. The Quadrantids is also sometimes called Bootids after the modern constellation, Boötes.” – TimeAndDate.com

The Quadrantids are associated with asteroid 2003 EH1. The asteroid takes about 5.5 years to orbit around the Sun.

Quadrantids meteor shower is the first cosmic spectacle of 2020 and it peaks this week

[UPDATE:] An alarm call got me awake at 3am. There was some low-level cloud but fortunately some gaps in it. After some minutes of peering out of my skylight I saw a bright shooting star, but then the clouds enveloped and so I returned to bed. Another alarm call at 4am and the skies were clearer but after waiting longer at my bedroom window I saw only one faint meteor and my tiredness and impatience got the better of me.

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