Vintage Science Fiction Month

[Here’s one for you Anonymole] I’ve just learned that it’s Vintage Science Fiction Month, or rather VintageSciFiMonth.

I immediately recalled that I read, all those moons ago in 2019, two books by ‘Rex Gordon’ (aka Stanley Bennett Hough (1917-1998) No Man Friday (aka First on Mars) and Utopia 239. I have now sourced a copy of the next title in line The Worlds of Eclos (aka First to the Stars) to be read this month.

But first, perhaps some Philip K. Dick?

I’ve already read Time Out of Joint and of course Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Perhaps The Simulacra is in order.


  1. Ah yes, I recall the search for those to sample. VinSciFiMo, yeah. Silly humans needing to celebrate the strangest of contrivances.

    If i recall, those were rather like novellas, <50k words, much easier to consume than the mental barrier of investing in a 120k word tome about abbey life and stone work.

    So when do you start on your own fiction writing effort?

    • I do have some heftier tomes in the form of Arthur C. Clarke, but nothing that is “vintage” as per the terms of the event… maybe there is something else I can obtain in time for next year’s VSFM.

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