My January… focus…

Rather than create myself another challenge this month, I thought focusing on, well, things to focus on, or have intentions for, would be more positive and less “self-inflicting”.

After ensuring I complete my 6,000 miles cycled and 300 miles ‘run’, I knew one area I had not achieved what I had intended was with yoga; I had hoped to do this daily, but succeeded not. Therefore I will ‘try’ again this month.

I have decided to swap this into my morning routine rather than focusing on the running which had generally featured in this part of my day. Running, which I will still do in January, will only take place when I feel like it, like on those nicer mornings rather than forcing myself out regardless – I was too hard on myself in this regard throughout December. It will be interesting to see how many miles I end up running with this approach.

Something else I have been considering, to feature throughout the year, is some sort of litter-picking thing. I’m often picking up litter from my own street when out running, but generally turn away discarded rubbish when I encounter it beyond here; carrying it further is a hassle and if I see it when out cycling consider it too much effort to stop, turn back, reach down, stuff it in a pannier, and get going again… unless it’s something I deem to be useful that is.

As much as a feel good about the casual plogging, there are more stray bottles, cans and other discardings that I can collect from the roadsides and send to be recycled, although I’m keen not to make too much effort on stretches that receive attention from the council because I fear they will slacken their efforts.

I am spurred on today after reading the following news article about young litter-pickers who set out early on the morning on New Year’s Day:

Young Muslims get up early to clean streets after New Year’s celebrations

“365 Pieces of Plastic”, perhaps, or “365 Beerless Bottles on the roadside, 365 Beerless Bottles…”

Anyway, in addition to these things, yoga and focussed plogging, I will be reading the 1st 1/12th of Volume 8 of The Children’s Encyclopedia, reading a book about the Vikings, in a book called The Vikings, and reading about great Arab conquests in a book called The Great Arab Conquests, oh and listening to as much of the audio book of One Thousand and One Nights as I can endure. I also have a pile of stuff to list on ebay in an effort to declutter and dehoard a little. I’ll report back at the end of the month with how I’ve got on.

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