2020 Week 1 Challenge – No/Yes

As I write this there are still a couple of days left of December 2019, and it looks like I will have achieved my cycling and running targets… just, or maybe I’ll get “close enough”… the weather has been pretty miserable; windy again these past couple of days at least, that’s my primary excuse. I did finish all the books I wanted to read already; thanks to having no internet for over a week, that certainly helped.

With these things, and December out of the way, I’m already looking forward to January and 2020, and since the first week, if you consider it starts on a Monday, actually begins on December 30th, that is why I’m starting my Week 1 Challenge then, and I’ve decided it will be…

  • No Watching Youtube
  • Yes finish my DVD boxsets of Young Indiana Jones

1067964_blank-packaging-cigarettes-15I decided a challenge such of this should not focus ‘simply’ on cutting one thing out but instead swapping it for something else, kind of like the nonsense* that is Sugar Swaps, but self-inflicted/thought-up so therefore more likely to work (I deem the pictures of cancer-infected lungs does little to stop people from smoking because they have little motivational connection to the image, whereas if they thought of something like that themselves they’d be mindful of the issue).

*I deem “Sugar Swaps” to be nonsense because of what is suggested for the swap, such as yoghurt (dairy and often contains sugar), malt loaf (high in sugar), scotch pancakes (made from flour and generally contain sugar [link]) The radio adverts also annoy me. You’re really going to want to cut out sugar AND all of these things if you’re pre/type-2 diabetic).

Also, telling yourself (or someone else) not to do something is not a positive approach.

I’ve had those DVDs in my possession for far too long and I need/want to get them finished; they’re actually pretty educational, especially if you watch all of the Special Features/included documentaries as I have been doing.

I recently started using Youtube’s “Watch Later” feature to stop me bing-watching stuff.


I found that by adding to the list instead of giving into the craving/desire to avoid something else I largely escaped from that viscous cycle, I also found that when I went back to the list at a chosen time I could then actively choose what to watch or even delete things I’d changed my mind about.

I ultimately want to return to how I was feeling when I had no internet for over a week… it was quite relaxing!

One caveat is that there are a few Youtube videos that I have watched recently that I want to blog about, so I will need to dip back into those to do that, but that’s creative stuff, which is what I’m trying to be about, not passive absorption.

I’ll update this post with my progress/results, so be sure to check back here if you’re interested or let me know if you’re trying something similar.

I also have a January Challenge set for myself!


  1. How about plain yogurt, perhaps with fresh fruit that you add? Start studying a foreign language or a music instrument instead of watching DVDs and videos? Of course, it’s your life, and it sounds like you already have some great goals that you are achieving.

    • Hi William, thanks for your comment.

      Indeed I enjoy plain yoghurt particularly with chopped up fruit, so find the yoghurt doesn’t need to have added sugar; our NHS is promoting the idea of ‘Sugar Swaps’ but seems to be missing some points.

      As for your suggestions regarding languages and music, I was learning some German a while back but got out of the routine, so that remains at the back of my mind as something to get back into. As for music, I have guitar and keyboarding on the go and working on improving myself regarding those; watching this space! They certainly are a great way to avoid passive entertainment.

      Thanks again.

      • Maybe you could add them to your challenge: 15 minutes guitar, 15 minutes piano and 15 minutes language study each day. I know that I find it hard to force myself to do such things each day (including exercise’), but the progress after a few months is very gratifying.

  2. Of all the diversions I’ve encountered, Youtube is the greatest and the worst. I could watch that beast for days, months even, and never become bored.

    Must. Stop. Watching. Youtube.

  3. It was rather difficult at first for me to give up sugar. However, I noticed the less I ate sugar, the better I felt and the less I craved it. I don’t bake with it any more which was the first big step. I still have the occasional chocolate croissant πŸ™‚ and some dark chocolate every now and then.

    • It is quite remarkable how the cravings subside. I experienced something similar when I cut down on porridge; I thought I just enjoyed my two bowls a day, now I rarely crave it at all. Dark chocolate has some health benefits so you’re allowed that πŸ˜‰

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