Season’s Greetings

I’m back! Just in time for Christmas; my internet went wonky over a week ago so I was forced into the wilderness, so to speak. It was quite nice actually, not being distracted by the WWW.

My SETI@home participation took a hit, and since my computers had nothing to do I switched them off.


Things got a bit chilly thereafter so I spent a good few evenings reading by the wood-burning stove – I think the cat enjoyed that also; he has a sore forehead at the moment, I’m not sure what he has bashed it on or speared it with but after dripping over a cream-coloured carpet (always the best) I’m sure he’ll mend just fine.

This time offline, and time by the fire, enabled me to churn through the final few books which I wanted to finish before the end of the year. I had envisaged slogging my way through them on new year’s eve, but they’re finished already; my head now contains the story of Robinson Crusoe, a book on Ikigai, and a book on how to organise all that stuff, called The Organized Mind.


Yesterday was mince pie making and present-wrapping day, so the kitchen and my office floor suffered some disarray, but this time of year seems to be about that, disarray. I’m not so much for the “big day”, I’ve decided this year that the bulk of Christmas is the work of Satan (no I didn’t mistype Santa, but he’s in there too), although Boris Johnson seems to be amongst the deluded masses but I’ll try not to dwell of this aspect too much.

It just seems that as people we are lost; we here all this hype about global warming and the things that are too blame, even the lowly Christmas Jumper was given the evil eye recently for its world-destroying polyester. But that’s really only so bad if you wear it only once; plastic is of course perfectly fine as long as it’s not single use… I have some Christmas Socks (which likely contain polyester also) that I actually started wearing all year round in a bid to wear them in a bit (they were my softest pair of socks, yet the oldest ones), but it’s not like those ones had Santa on, or anything overtly festive – I mean, reindeer exist all year round, don’t they?

No, sweater, or sock-shaming is just silly, and petty. Like not wearing (or buying in the first place) a Christmas Sweater is going to save the planet, but driving to the shops in your SUV to buy more food and stuff than you actually need is fine, because that “helps to support the economy”. Yes, SUVs have gained popularity, meaning smaller and typically more fuel-efficient vehicles are surely on the decline. Electric vehicles maybe gaining popularity in their own right, but these will not save the planet. Yes, they have greater fuel-efficiency if you take into count the fossil fuels that may be burnt in order to produce the electricity to power them, but what worries me (as this is something I have come to learn and appreciate this year) is that they contain a greater quantity of “Rare Earth Materials“; batteries, for one thing, contain a lot of not nice stuff and it’s stuff that doesn’t exist on this planet in an endless supply. In fact all of our electronic gadgets, you know all of those things we idolise over this festive period, contain these Rare Earth Materials, and this is beyond the issues of recycling them once they reach the end of their serviceable life. Every gadget, piece of fancy tech you own will end up in the bin at some point, ideally one that sees its contents recycled, still, it’s a bin and one that takes energy and further resources to deal with.

So this time of year for me, is not about material stuff, it’s more about looking back at the year that has passed, and looking forward to the year ahead; how can I be better and do better in the things that make me tick. And speaking of ticking; time is pressing on and I’m due to visit family for the Christmas nosh.

I thank my readers for reading, my followers for following, and likers for liking. I have now, WordPress informs me, been blogging for 8 years; I also passed the 500 Followers mark recently.


At one point it felt like that was a long time coming, but then I was comparing myself to others who have more followers than me, are perhaps more popular, make more effort to gain followers or to be popular, but then I accepted that I write on my blog because I like to, and I like to write about what I like to write about, not what the masses might necessarily jump on board with, and also that only a fraction of the followers are actual active followers; but I thank you for being on board if you are, and I look forward to the continuing journey that will be 2020.


  1. Boxing Day must be named Boxing due to us boxing up the unwanted white elephants…

    Save the Planet? Maybe Save the Holocene.

    I’ve read that Greenland contains massive amounts of rare earth metals. Maybe in 100 years, when the icecap melts and the Holocene is kaput, Musk Industries will war with Denmark and claim that big unexplored island as “Muskland.”

    I wish you and yours warm tidings in this holiday season.

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