Weird Spam is Weird – from Jesus to Trump

Back in October I received the following two emails in my spam folder; the titles intreagued me more than the usual stuff that ends up in there:

  • Did Jesus Smoke Weed? [PROOF]
  • Did Jesus Puff On The Green Stuff?

Similar titles but the contents different:

Did Jesus Smoke Weed? [PROOF]

 Trump is on the attack again…
But it’s not against Nancy Pelosi or other liberal democrats…
It’s against the Big Pharma companies that profit from your pain and suffering.
And you won’t believe how he’s using THIS “Biblical Weapon” to disarm these powerful companies…
And usher in a new era of Spiritual and physical healing in America.
So if you’re sick and tired of paying big bucks for dangerous medications…
And tired of putting up with daily chronic pain…
Then you must see Trump’s Shocking Biblical Weapon…
That, by the way, is taking the medical world by storm…
Because it’s making most drugs, doctor’s visits, and expensive medical procedures…
Completely obsolete… which is why Big Pharma is doing everything they can to CENSOR Trump’s Biblical Weapon.
So click here to watch all about Trump’s Biblical Weapon while you still can.

P.S. The secular media and FAKE News Pundits want to censor this message…
Which is why you must watch this video right now, before it gets taken down forever.

[links removed and lead to nothing related]

Did Jesus Puff On The Green Stuff?

 According to a conservative pastor
out of Colorado, the answer is a definitive “yes”.

In fact, the pastor goes far beyond this wild idea…
and actually claims that back in biblical times, the little green leaf known as cannabis
was a critical ingredient in religious ceremonies
and even mixed into Holy anointed oil.

Then the pastor went even further, explaining that
when Cannabis was infused into standard Holy oil, that it
“activated the oil, giving it miraculous healing properties.”

I was immediately skeptical, after all,
what a ridiculous idea - Jesus smoking weed?

Biblical icons mixing ganja into holy oil?

Modern day Christians being healed
from all sorts of pain and disease by this bizarre discovery?

It was just too far fetched.

Then the pastor smiled at me,
and showed me his proof.

I was stunned.

I mean, jaw-hanging-open stunned.

There was no way the evidence
could have been faked, unless of course,
I was going blind in my old age.

That’s when it dawned on me –
maybe this wild eyed pastor was actually onto something.

But you be the judge yourself.

Watch his video. It’s controversial.
It’s a little bit crazy. And it’s filled
with some of the most compelling
evidence I’ve ever seen.

PS: If you’re free now, I’d watch his video immediately.
According to the pastor, his controversial ideas
have caught the attention of some very powerful forces.
Forces that do NOT like his message,
and are hard at work to silence him.

Now this week, over a month later, I get another:

  • What God Told President Trump…

It reads the same as the first. What gives?

[EDIT 01/12/19] I received the first one again today, with that new title.


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